Visio For Mac Active Directory Shapes

Visio For Mac Active Directory Shapes

Visio For Mac Active Directory Shapes Rating: 8,8/10 4060 reviews

Additional symbols for your Dia diagrams. Free download of shapes, stencils and objects. Visio Standard includes stencils for business, basic network diagrams. Integration of ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) streamlines sign on for the.

Network Diagrams are essential for ensuring your have a complete understanding of how your network topology is interconnected and can give you an overhead view of whats going on in your network. Many times, it will help you visualize where your infrastructure is lacking and what needs to be upgraded/replaced. Having a properly documented schematic of your entire network and connections can also ensure you can troubleshoot issues in a systematic order when they arise. Some of these software packages even automatically update your network topology map when new devices are added or removed from the network, which really cuts down on manually having to remove them yourself. Below you will find an Extensive list of the Top (some of which are FREE) Network Diagram Software packages available for download and trials. A brief overview of the software is listed below to give you a better understanding of what it is capable of doing.


ConceptDraw Pro – Best Features Overall via is a very versatile Business diagramming and drawing tool that doubles as a network diagram tool as well. The software’s interface is very familiar to that of Microsoft Word 2007 in terms of button layout and menus. Free

Because of its extensive menu and icon layout, it is Very Easy to use due to its Drag-n-Drop functionality, making this software easy to learn and use on a daily basis with very little training. Sample of a Diagram Created in ConceptDraw Pro via You have the ability to create custom objects or shapes and saving them for future use within the Library.

The software is Available for Download and Installation on both Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 (32 bit & 64 bit) and Mac OSX 10.9 and higher. Recommended RAM for both Operating systems is 1.5 GB and minimum 500 MB of space needed to install. Price: $199 for ConceptDraw Pro Lucidchart has a great offering and as of lately, probably one of the top solutions for those looking to create quick and easy topology diagrams of their network infrastructure.

They have a wide array of pre-built templates that are ready for you to plug in your data and quickly modify to your needs. Some examples of pre-built templates include the following in this image: As you can see, you can grab an existing diagram and not have to waste time configuring and building one from scratch that will likely take twice as long to get to the same starting point as one of these.

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Has a great pricing program in place that allows for flexibility of use and allows you to quickly scale to more users if needed on the fly. As of this writing, here is the pricing structure for Lucidchart for Network diagramming: One of the most intersting and exciting features that stood out to us when looking at lucidchart was the fact that you could import and export Visio file format directly into Lucidchart and back out if needed. This gives you the flexiblity to share diagrams with people who are still using Visio for their diagramming needs. Check out their Website for more information here: Pricing: They even have a Free Trial version that you can test out and see if you suits your needs. Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper (formerly known as LANSurveyor), is one of the Best, if not the best, diagramming tools on the market right now, especially for the Price you are paying compared to Microsoft Visio. Built in network scanning Wizard and diagramming allows for jump starting your drawings and automatic detection of new devices and changes on the network make this tool indispensable, especially with support for extensive discovery protocols and methods including, ICMP,, CDP,, along with many more.

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