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• • Introduction I’ve been exploring.NET Core since it was still vNext to ASP.NET 5 until it officially came a.NET Core / ASP.NET Core version 1. I was really happy and amazed that Microsoft came into a realization to rebuild.NET and making it cross-platform and run everywhere. To me, I think it’s one of the greatest milestones that Microsoft ever did as this opens up.NET to an entirely new audience of developers and designers. Technologies are constantly evolving and as developer, we need to cope up with what’s the latest or at least popular nowadays.

Sep 3, 2018 - I have a macbook and we are learning C# for our programming class, can I actually develop C# in OSX for later sending code to my teacher. Visual Studio Community 2017 (Windows) MonoDevelop. /r/ASPNET /r/AZURE /r/Xamarin. If it's just console or web apps, then yes. If you get into. I follow the steps and I can make the solution work with npm start but not directly from Visual Studio. I believe my problem is that I don't fully understand the new Startup.cs file and how can I put the index.html as the starting point of the project.

As a starter you might find yourself having a hard-time catching up with latest technologies because it will give you more confusion as to what sets of technologies to use and where to start. We know that there are tons of resources out there that you can use as a reference to learn but you still find it hard to connect the dots in the picture. Sometimes you might think of losing the interest to learn and give up. Best youtube capture for mac If you are confused and no idea how to start building an ASP.NET Core and Blazor apps and running them on Docker, then this article is for you. Background I was researching about the concept of “microservices” since the past years and given that.NET Core is open-source, cross-platform and runs everywhere, I had this curiosity of running it in a new set of environments to get a feel of how great it is. And then I started out when version 1 came out and a year after, I started trying out.

It was a fun experiment but at the same time hard because I am used to Windows environment. Building apps in Mac environment is bit different because we will be dealing with the new commands, tools, and the file structure. In other words, I was not that familiar with the Mac environment and putting the pieces together was really a P.I.T.A.

Early this year Microsoft announce a new experimental project from the ASP.NET team called Blazor. Blazor is an experimental web UI SPA framework based on C#, Razor, and HTML that runs in the browser via WebAssembly without JavaScript.

Best for value for money. The best-value Mac for video editing is the Mac mini. If the iMac and iMac Pro are too expensive you're going to have to start to look at Apple's consumer range. Best computer for video editing apple mac pro. Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing: Buyer’s Guide in 2018 Apple didn't get its reputation for performance and accuracy from nowhere. Everything from phones to paper-thin notebooks are engineering to work efficiently, and this makes their MacBooks ideal for all levels of video editing. Here I have listed top 3 best laptop for video editing 2018 includes newest apple macbook pro, msi stealth thin, and asus zenbook pro. For movie and video editing, you need good processor and graphics like 8th generation Intel core i7 and latest NVIDIA GTX 10 series graphics. For video editing, you need minimum 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive 7200RPM, 256GB SSD, etc. It may increase the price a bit, but the extra speed you'll gain in everything you do on your Mac makes better long-term sense. Overall, this is our pick of the best computer for video editing right now.

Yes, you heard that right – without JavaScript! That being said. Blazor is still on its experimental stage and we can't guarantee anything until it will be officially released.

I personally find the framework very interesting. I think Blazor is going to be incredibly a hit and that's because I see WebAssembly as actually superseding JavaScript. Sure, JavaScript and its frameworks aren't going anywhere, but why would you teach a new programmer JavaScript when you can just teach them C#, Python, etc. And have them work with simpler tools in a more performant environment? It was on my to-do list to try out Blazor but I just didn’t get the change to make time for it because of priorities and I’ve been very busy at work. Fortunately, I was able to find some time this week and gave Blazor a shot.

My first attempt was running it on Windows, but I also wanted to test out Blazor on Mac and running it on Docker. It took me a few days to put the pieces together and trying to figure out how to make them work. With a lot of research, some patience and head scratching, I was able to connect the dots in the picture. So that’s why here I am trying to share the fun and experience to those who are also interested. Who is this for? While there are a bunch of resources on the web that demonstrate how to build and run.NET Core apps in docker, it seems to me that there are only limited resources on doing it on a Mac. This article will walk you through on building your first Blazor app with ASP.NET Core Web API, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server and running them on a Docker container.

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