Studio Microphone For Mac Book Air

Studio Microphone For Mac Book Air

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Nowadays that virtually all music recording has gone digital The first question on every musician’s mind when first starting out with music production is: Which computer should I get? Though as I’m sure you already know, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. Because depending on factors such as: • budget • processing speed • portability YOUR ideal option might be completely different from someone else’s. Which is why for today’s post, I end to show you everything you need to know to find the perfect computer/laptop for YOUR setup.

Reader and frequent Macworld contributor, Glenn Fleishman should know better than to send me a question via Twitter’s direct message, as I’m sure to blab it to the rest of the world. He messaged: I bought powered, wired, lavalier mics with 1/8th inch jack.

So let’s begin. First up Laptops vs. Desktops More and more these days, as technology becomes increasingly “ mobile“ Desktop computers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Yet for music recording, they’re still what all the pros continue to use. Here’s why: • They’re generally faster – their larger housing offers room for maximum processing power to meet the high demands of today’s and plugins.

• They have more IN’s/OUT’s – which allow you to incorporate larger, more sophisticated routings to keep up with your ever-growing setup. • They offer greater customization – which let’s you add more RAM, extra hard drives, additional video cards, and moreas necessary. • They solve the noise problem – by allowing you to keep the tower (noisy) in a separate room for your.

Despite all these advantages, the ONE thing that desktop computers lack isPORTABILITY. And in today’s world of DJ’s and mobile studios, the portability of a laptop is a MUST. Plussince most of us use a laptop for school/work anyway, it eliminates the need for 2 separate purchases. Now at this point, I’ll assume you’ve already decided whether a desktop or laptop computer is right for you.

So let’s move on. Up next Mac vs.

PC Want to know the easiest way to piss-off a recording geek? Here’s what you do: If he uses a PC in his studio, tell him Macs are better. If he uses a Mac, tell him PC’s are better.

Because for some strange reason, this topic incites violent debatesthat last forever, and result in no real conclusions. In fact, I absolutely HATE giving my opinion on this topic. But here it is anyway: Personally, I like Macs. Not just for recording, but for everything.

And these days, most of the music world (and the rest of the world) agrees. If YOU agree as wellget a Mac. So why a PC then? It’s usually 1 of 3 reasons: • Price – Macs are usually more expensive than PC’s, and not everyone can afford them. • Customization – computer nerds typically prefer PC’s, since they are much easier to modify/supercharge. • Windows – some people just like the Windows OS.

If you're building a Core i7 system then it's quite easy (if you have the cash!) to exceed this limit. Can i use windows memery for mac.

If none of these 3 things apply to youget a Mac. But whichever side you choose, just know that tons of great music has been created on either one, and this topic isn’t nearly as important as some might have you believe. Assuming you’ve made your decisionlet’s move on.

Studio Microphone For Mac Book Air

Up next Mac Desktops With Mac desktops, you have 3 options: • Mac Pro • iMac • Mac Mini Now here’s how they compare: First, there’s the Mac Pro. For studio recording, there’s probably nothing better. Peek your head into any pro studioand odds are, that’s what you’ll find.

However The truth is: for most of us, a Mac Pro would simply be overkill. So next upthe iMac. While not nearly as powerful, the iMac is much more practical for a typical beginner’s setup, as it combines the computer and monitor into a single device. If you can afford it, it’s quite likely the ideal choice for most home studios.

If you CAN’T however, your final option is the Mac Mini. How many times have your heard someone say: I want to get a Mac, but they’re too expensive 🙁 Well the Mac Mini is proof that this is not entirely true. It may not have the speed or flexibility of the more expensive modelsbut it offers ALL the benefits of the Mac OSX, for a very modest price tag. • Mac Pro – () • iMac – () • Mac Mini – () Up next PC Desktops For those of you guys who build custom PCs I have no doubt you know far more about this subject than I do So If you can assemble something faster and better than a Mac Pro go for it. I wouldn’t dare try to convince you otherwise.

If however, you DON’T fall into this category, and you really don’t know much about computers at all Then I suggest staying away from PC desktops altogether. And here’s why: If you’re NOT a huge PC fan, the only reason to choose a PC for your studio would be if you’re a beginner trying to save money. And since the main benefit of desktop computer is MORE PROCESSING POWER, it makes little sense to get any desktop that isn’t blazing fast. So if you only have $500 to spend, you might as well get a laptop, so you can at least have some portability as well. Having said that, let’s move on The 4 KEY Laptop Specs Since we’ve already established that laptops arein a way” less-than-ideal” for music production Here are 5 potential issues to look out for: • Mechanical Noise – if you’re a DJ in a loud club, this obviously doesn’t matter. But in a bedroom studio, it matters a lot.

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