Book For Developing Games For Mac

Book For Developing Games For Mac

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Update from 09/2017. It is possible to develop iOS (and Android at the same time) application using React Native + Expo without owning a mac. You will also be able to run your iOS application within iOS Expo app while developing it. (You can even publish it for other people to access, but it will only run within Expo app). While the options for playing games on a Mac are limited compared to Windows PCs, the Mac gaming library has come a long way. Recently, more A-list games have become available for play via Mac.

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Have this discussion with a lot of developers. Your going to be GPU bound, specially if you don't get the one with a dedicated GPU. I got a top of the line MBP 2 years ago and it's around 2-3 times more expensive than an equivalent specced windows laptop. It can handle developing decent quality games at a manageable framerate, but I don't get the smooth 60fps I want to play games. But Unity works well on it and Visual Studio for Mac is a really cool new addition that ships with Unity 2018.xx+. I prefer developing on my MBP unless I'm doing really editor heavy stuff like grayboxing a level.

A moderately price Mac laptop will do a good job running the Editor. A cheap gaming PC with an old graphics card will make a great building machine. $1200 laptop + $600 PC is better than a $2500 laptop, in my opinion. I use a Mac mini as a remote build machine and run my Unity instance on either my i7 windows gaming PC or my 2013 MBP.

The Mac mini is hilariously underpowered and becomes unresponsive during build due to the VRAM getting maxed out but I don’t notice/don’t care. I work on other stuff while the build is running and test when it’s done. I have a 2014 Macbook Pro and also a gaming desktop with a GTX 1080 graphics card.

I love them both dearly, and neither covers 100% of my workflow. On one hand, I think that MacOS + a few of my favorite applications is much more usable than Windows, so whenever I switch to Windows I feel like I have one hand tied behind my back. But obviously some things just won't run on a standalone Macbook. BUT if I didn't have a computer yet I'd get a Thunderbolt 3 compatible Macbook with an External GPU.

Checks all the boxes, and you don't have to have multiple computers! I had a MBP 2015 that I sold off because I was finding it to not be crazy performant.

For just Unity its self, its OK- but the GPU in it wasnt the best and it would struggle from time to time. I found that 60fps was just not possible for a lot of things. I do a large amount of 3d modelling and asset creation too and that was not so great. Substance Painter was a bit chuggy and slow. Designer would get bogged down sometimes too. I switched to a Dell thing a few months back and couldnt be happier with it.

Not that I use my laptop for stuff that often. Android development will work really well, no problems there. But you won't be able to do windows well enough that you'll enjoy it. Sure, unity will generate you a binary, but the tools to build a MSI or otherwise package won't be there. The other part is performance.

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