Best Free Word Processor For Mac

Best Free Word Processor For Mac

Best Free Word Processor For Mac Rating: 5,1/10 115 reviews

Word processors are really important to nearly all computer users. Most Windows users have had to use Microsoft Word at some point in their use of the computer, and Apple and Mac users also need to use their inbuilt word processors for time to time. Not only for writers, students, and professionals, word processors are indispensable to anyone who prefers maintaining soft copies of any important document, and in this technological age, there are few who wouldn’t take the help of Word and other processors. Recommended: – Windows users love Microsoft Word best because of the large variety of layout and editing options offered, but even a die-hard Word fan has to admit that it’s a bit cluttered, and at times, the numerous options are quite confusing. But luckily, there are loads of cool alternatives to Word, free and paid, basic and detailed in options.

This article is going to list for you the top 8 word processors available on the Internet today, with detailed descriptions. As efficient and reliable as Google services usually are, Google Docs is a great word processor that can be accessed through Google Drive. Though Google Docs does not support offline editing (unless you enable offline access manually), it offers other great features that make it worth using. For instance, it’s super easy to share documents, presentations, drawings and forms using Google Docs. You can also publish the same as a web page, or e-mail them using this word processor. Editing is great in Google Docs and it is compatible with all major browsers. This process is awesome because it is fully compatible with Windows, Linux as well as Mac OSX.

AbiWord is excellent if your field of work demands to fill in a lot of forms digitally. AbiWord is also capable of handling Word documents, OpenOffice documents, HTML pages and a whole range of other category documents as well. With a whole lot of layout options ranging from professional to simple, AbiWord also offers the Mail Merge facility, which generates forms, letters, documents in automated form, replacing given fields with data- so you don’t have to individually type all those similar emails yourself. This makes AbiWord truly fantastic to use. This is actually a suite of programs including word processing- Writer, presentations-Impress, spreadsheets-Calc, and a few other programs for drawing, etc. You only have to install the suite once, and then you have access to all these programs whenever you want. The word processing program, Writer, is able to open PDF files without requiring add-ons.

Word 2016 is also the best word processor for Mac option as an alternative to the mac word processor. LibreOffice Writer: It is also a better option for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. As we said this is a Free Office suite for your Mac device which offers same as the Microsoft Offerings.

Plug in your USB flash drive. Click Setup USB Key link. Next you should type your Windows password. If you don’t use a password you should create one If you are using USB stick for Windows logon you can change your password into big one and more secure using Rohos Password generator dialog. Secure usb drive for mac.

Writer also offers smooth options for editing such as underlining, Bold, etc. Help and support for fixing bugs are available through a community forum, with responsive and prompt members. The community, just like OpenOffice itself, supports a large number of different languages, enabling users from various countries to use and participate. Moreover, OpenOffice can run well on Windows, Mac as well as Linux. LibreOffice is a wonderful combination of OpenOffice and NeoOffice.

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