Notepad++ Similar For Mac

Notepad++ Similar For Mac

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The bad part of it is that it is limited to Microsoft Windows and is not available on Mac OS. So, if you are someone who has shifted from Windows to Mac and is missing Notepad++ on your new operating system, here is the list for the best notepad++ alternatives for Mac Users in 2018. 2017-6-30  Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac OSx Notepad++ is very popular among code editors. It’s easy and customizable interface is the highlights for its success and popularity.

Notepad++ for MAC: Notepad++ is one of the best source code editor available only for MS Windows platform hence we will go for best alternatives to Notepad++ for MAC which will have same features and user interface as Notepad++. Notepad Plus Plus is one of the most of the widely used code editor by both professional and unprofessional coders. It acquired this position in the era of text editors due to its handy availability of options so that even amateur coder can access all its features. The best feature of this code editor is that it also supports multi-tab editing at the same time which will save a lot of time in accessing and understanding source code of different files at same time.

Due to its such great features, if any Windows user shifts to MAC then he always wants the same Notepad++ on his MAC too. Checkout also that how to download. As Apple has disabled the accessibility of some of its widely used software on Windows in the same way Microsoft has disabled the accessibility of Notepad++ for MAC, that means its straightforward that official Notepad++ isn’t available for MAC. But there is always another way out to any problem and here we will go for 10 best Alternatives to Nothepad++ for MAC. Features and User interface of these Notepad Plus PLus alternatives would be same as Notepad++ so that you can enjoy coding in the same way as you enjoyed on Windows. Now without wasting any time let’s jump to the best alternatives to Notepad++ for MAC.

Main Content • • • • • • • • • • • 10 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ for MAC Brackets is one of the best code editor alternatives to the Notepad++ for MAC, which is also available for Windows and Linux. Two of its best features which makes this editor best alternative for Notepad++ for MAC are numbering line and folding code of functions, structure, and classes into one single entity.


If you are regular Notepad++ user then you must know about the importance of this two features. In coding thousands of line in single file, you must have encountered several errors and compiler would most probably indicate the line number directly which would make debugging easy and simple.

Line number indication also makes us aware of the complexity of code and hence we can adjust it as per our needs. You can fold the code of Function, Structure, and Class simply by clicking on arrow adjacent to their names. This same feature is also available in Brackets which would give you the same feelings as working Notepad++. This feature would enhance virtual mapping of your code and hence you will be able to focus on main names instead of their source code. Atom is free Code Editor by Github’s. It is also one of the best alternatives to Notepadd++ for MAC and now Atom Code Editor it is also available for Windows too.

Atom along with Basic Code Editor features also includes the feature to import external packages which enhances the style of writing code in an Atom. There is also vast community developed by Atom creators so that you can solve your queries and learn how to use Atom more efficiently. Atom Code editor has also got extra feature than Notepad++ like multi-line edit option. You can write the same code in multiple lines at once, it will be very useful in editing tags in the html file. Google voice app for desktop It will need to some practice to apply this feature, you can check out Atom Community to learn how to edit multiple lines at once on Atom Code editor. Komodo Edit is free IDE for multiple programming languages.

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