Reminder App For Mac Free

Reminder App For Mac Free

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Millions rely on, a beautifully designed to-do list app for your Mac. Calendar and reminders all-in-one place for your personal and work life. I also appreciate the fact that there is a free version of this app that doesn't have ads in it.

We all need a little reminder to do things sometimes. We live in a world filled with distraction and various shiny things that often lead us off course of whatever it is we’re trying to do. Thus, setting reminders can not only be productive, but a savior in some situations. There are a variety of ways to use reminders on Android.

How to delete gmail messages in bulk You can set them up in your calendar app, a dedicated to-do list app, and there are some apps that exist only to serve up reminders when you need them. Even some note taking apps have reminder functionality built-in. We’ll take a look at the best reminder apps for Android here!

BZ Reminder is a very simple to-do list app. You can set reminders and then the app reminds you when it's time. The app has a robust, but short list of features. You can color code tasks and reminders for easier organization. Additionally, it comes with Android Wear support, alerts, recurring tasks (for taking out the garbage every week), and even set hourly reminders for things like drinking water. It also has widgets, a simple calendar included, and more.

The app isn't as complex as the big names in this space. However, it's one of the best simple reminder apps for personal use. Google Keep is probably the best note taking app available right now. It's also about two or three feature updates away from being a to-do list app also. It features a collaboration features that let you share notes with others. You can also take text, list, photo, audio, and video notes.

The reminders features is fairly simple, but effective. You can set notes to pop up as notifications at certain times or places. For instance, you can make your shopping list note pop up when your GPS indicates that you're at your local grocery store. It also saw a major redesign in late 2018 that makes it even more pleasant to look at. GTasks is one of the unique reminder apps.

It syncs with both Google Tasks as well as TickTick. The Google Talks portion is excellent, simple, and syncs between devices. The TickTick integration very closely mimics the actual TickTick app (listed below). You can go with either one.

They both do the same basic features. The pro version of GTasks goes for $4.99 but it only covers the Google Tasks stuff. Those with TickTick subscriptions can also also use GTasks as a replacement. You can find those prices in the TickTick section. Rembo is a bot style reminders app.


It's something a little bit different. Basically, you ask the bot to reminder you to do stuff. The bot calls you with your reminder when it's time.

You can see an organized feed of all of your reminders as well if needed. The app also features jokes and motivational quotes as a little added bonus. It honestly doesn't do much that other apps on the list don't also do. However, it's one of the more unique presentations we've seen in a reminder app. It's also entirely free, at least at the time of this writing.

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