What To Use Docker For On Mac

What To Use Docker For On Mac

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• First install. • Then in a terminal window run: docker run -it --name ubuntu ubuntu:xenial bash You are in a terminal with ubuntu and can do whatever you like. Note: If you are using an ubuntu version bionic (18.04) or newer ( ubuntu:bionic or ubuntu:latest), you must run the command unminimize inside the container so the tools for human interaction be installed.

To start again after a reboot: docker start ubuntu docker exec -it ubuntu bash If you want save your changes: docker commit ubuntu docker images See the unnamed image and: docker tag myubuntu Then you can run another container using your new image. Docker run -it --name myubuntu myubuntu bash Or replace the former docker stop ubuntu docker rm ubuntu docker run -it --name ubuntu myubuntu bash Hope it helps. This is one of the few scenarios I wouldn't use Docker for:) Base images like are heavily stripped down versions of the full OS. The latest Ubuntu image doesn't have basic tools like ping and curl - that's a deliberate strategy from Canonical to minimise the size of the image, and therefore the attack vector. Typically you'd build an image to run a single app process in a container, you wouldn't SSH in and use ordinary dev tools, so they're not needed. That will make it hard for you to learn Ubuntu, because a lot of the core stuff isn't there. On the Mac, the best VM tool I've used is - it manages to share CPU without hammering the battery.

Any time you use docker build or docker run the Docker client is simply issuing HTTP requests to the Docker Remote API on your behalf. Now that you have the Docker daemon listening on a TCP port the next step is to make that port visible to your Mac.

Install docker

Is good too, and for either of them you can install full from the ISO - 5GB disk and 1GB RAM allocation will be plenty if you're just looking around. With any hypervisor you can pause VMs so they stop using resources, and checkpoint them to save the image so you can restore back to it later.

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