Search For A Word On A Web Page Mac Chrome Keyboard

Search For A Word On A Web Page Mac Chrome Keyboard

Search For A Word On A Web Page Mac Chrome Keyboard Rating: 5,9/10 9356 reviews

Table of Contents • • • • Using the Find bar To search for text on a page: • Click on the menu button, and then click Find in This page Find. ( Keyboard shortcut: Press Ctrl command+ F.) A search field will appear at the bottom. Best mouse for apple mac mini. • Type a search into the field.

Google Chrome comes with a powerful feature that allows you to search and find specific words or phrases on a webpage.This can be very useful if you are regularly on forums or if you have to find a specific word in a lengthy web-based document. Find out how to use the feature after the jump. Whether you are using a PC or a Mac, your computer has built-in keyboard shortcuts for a number of actions. You can even use a keyboard shortcut to undo a mistake you just made, or to scroll up or down a webpage.

Firefox will automatically highlight matching searches on the page as you type. • Choose from the following actions in the Find bar: • X: Close the find bar. • Next and Previous arrows: Jumps to each match on the page. • Highlight All: Highlight all terms that match the search you've entered. Click Highlight All again to turn off highlighting. • Match case: Make searches case sensitive. Normally if you search for search phrase, instances of Search Phrase on the page will also be found when you use the Find bar.

If Match case is selected, only instances of the phrase as you've typed it will be found. • Whole Words: This highlights only entire words that match your search.

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• Firefox will let you know when it can't find a match by showing Phrase not found. Quick Find The Quick Find bar is useful for quick searches and is meant to disappear after a few moments. It does not have the Next, Previous, or Highlight All buttons like the full Find bar. Press the / key (forward slash character) to open the Quick Find bar.

Then type what you would like to search for. Search links only If you want to find phrases that occur in links on the page you're viewing: • Type ' (single quote character) to bring up the Quick Find (links only) bar. • Type a search phrase into the Quick Find (links only) field. The first link that contains the phrase you've typed will be selected. • Press Ctrl command+ G to highlight the next link that contains your search phrase. To close the Quick Find bar, wait a moment then press the Esc key on the keyboard, or click somewhere in Firefox that is not part of the Quick Find bar. Find while typing on a page Firefox can start searching for phrases you enter without having to open the Find bar.

To enable this feature. • Click the menu button and choose Options. • Select the General panel. • Navigate to the Browsing section. • Check mark Search for text when you start typing. • Close the about:preferences page.

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