Best Mouse For Apple Mac

Best Mouse For Apple Mac

Best Mouse For Apple Mac Rating: 8,1/10 2034 reviews

Hi, I recently bought a macbook pro retina (first time mac user) and I found that the trackpad cramped my hand after awhile. So, yesterday I picked up a magic mouse! Unfortunately I am not very happy with it. It doesn't feel comfortable or as easy to use as a traditional mouse.


For many if not most laptop users, including myself, a mouse is much easier to use than a trackpad in the majority of situations. It's quicker, easier, more efficient, and comfortable. No matter how good the trackpad technology, one can never get the same full sense of control as one gets with a pointing device, making the trackpad experience extremely frustrating at times. Finding the best mouse for a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air is not straightforward.

It is not just a simple matter of buying one that is technically compatible, most people also want something that will fit with the look and feel of their Apple laptop too. A computer mouse can vary in numerous ways too, such as: • Size • Feel • Number and arrangement of buttons • Style of scrolling wheel • General design • Price and value for money • Wired or wireless • Color and appearance. If you want a product that incorporates the very latest in innovative touch-sensitive technology from Apple and fits perfectly with the look and feel of your MacBook Pro, or Air, then you will be wanting the Apple Magic Mouse. Yes, the price tag is a little bigger, but in terms of design, it is head and shoulders above anything else out there that is currently available. As well as using Bluetooth to operate without tying up a USB port, this premium Apple product also incorporates laser technology, which means that it performs at 20 times the levels of ordinary optical tracking.

The magic mouse also has mini-sensors, which enable it to detect even the tiniest of movements. Best antivirus for mac 2018. The top-shell design means that the mouse fits perfectly with other Apple designed technology. It also incorporates Bluetooth technology and touch-sensitive technology. A Brief History of the MacBook Brand The original 15 inch MacBook Pro was announced on January 10, 2006 by Steve Jobs at the Macworld Conference & Expo. Later that year on May 16 came the MacBook MacBook, which was available in black or white colors.

Both notebooks later switched to an unibody design. The MacBook Air first appeared with a 13.3 inch screen in 2008, promoted as the 'world's thinnest notebook' when Steve Jobs announced its release. The original MacBook MacBook line was discontinued in 2011 but relaunched in 20. It is difficult for a modern computer user to imagine a world without the mouse, such is the ubiquitous and usefulness of this device. • The first mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964. It had a wooden shell, circuit board.

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