Best 4k Monitor For Mac Usb C

Best 4k Monitor For Mac Usb C

Best 4k Monitor For Mac Usb C Rating: 8,7/10 8919 reviews

LG's sub-$700 27UD88-W USB-C 4K monitor pairs nicely with the 12' MacBook. Read our coverage here:

FROM A MACBOOK PRO 2017 USER. Arrived in great condition with all pieces necessary for setup and usage. Currently using this attached to my 13in Macbook Pro 2017 attached via USB-C. Installation was easy peasy. Just attach base to back and done.

Instruction were in korean but if you can follow pictures you should fine. You will need a USB drive or some type of storage device to download the latest firmware to use this.

This was easy as well. I just used a simple USB drive on my laptop and downloaded it of LG's site.


I don't get many issues when using them. Occasionally it'll pop up a reminder to use the proper cable that comes with this monitor. But docking my macbook pro into this monitor hub is. Paw

It is a great monitor, and most guys buy it for a MAC. But THIS IS A GREAT MONITOR FOR PC TOO! Most review had cover it's great performance. Mine will cover some trick when use it in PC: 1. You need a computer with Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C port. Most latest laptops PC have them now.

And most new Intel NUC have them. Pls note not every USB Type-C port can support video output. You should check usb-c capability before use it. On the other hand, All Thunderbolt 3 in laptops and NUCs can output video, If your have TB3 port in your laptop or NUC, you can sure this monitor will work! DON'T waste your time in search/try/buy adapters If you don't have Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C port in your computer. NO reasonable price adapter in market can trans dp/hdmi/dvi/tb2 video signal to the one this monitor can.

As an external auditor, I travel from client to client. As such, I was looking for a lightweight portable monitor. Well, I can easily say I found it.

This monitor does just what I need it to. It is very portable and easy to set up, no matter where I am working.


I even set this monitor up while I am cuddled up on the couch studying for the CPA exam. This portable monitor easily enables me to increase productivity and comfort while working with multiple applications. To top it off, the monitor is Mac compatible (just install displayLink) driver and viola!

All and all a great addition to my tech inventory. Note: The USB connection at the monitor is not the best connection, minor jostling will cause the cable to become slightly disconnected. This is a minor irritation and not worth lowering my overall rating.

I just want other buyers. Purchased several for my office users. While initially we had a few issues, Plugable's tech support went above and beyond to make sure that the issues were solved to our satisfaction(you have to expect some issues with early technology like USB-C).

My productivity has gone up since being able to plug a single cable into my HP Spectre and have three additional monitors fire up as well as an external BD-ROM, mouse/keyboard, hard drive hot-swap station, external speakers, USB backup drive. Oh and I still have ports available. You won't get that ANYWHERE else. I don't leave reviews too often, but I feel like reading these reviews is so confusing and might leave you with the question 'will this work as a single-cable solution for my ___?' - or at least this is how I felt before I purchased. I took a leap of faith and got a 'used' version of this monitor still in the box from Amazon at a greatly reduced price, but I would still say the price they're asking for new is one I would probably still pay (but I probably would have given it 4 stars for value at that point). I have a 2017 13' MBP (non-touchbar, but it doesn't matter).

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