Osx Adobe Rgb Vs Srgb

Osx Adobe Rgb Vs Srgb

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My understanding is that Adobe has a larger gamut than sRGB, and is therefore better for people who do mostly print work, whereas sRGB is the general standard for web and monitor based images. Adobe doesn't represent as well on a screen, and colors can seem washed out, or inaccurate. Since I don't do very much printing, I have stuck with sRGB. Download vlc player for mac. I stumbled across an article saying that a better plan is to shoot in Adobe, and do a batch reprocess into sRGB, therefore having both. I am finding it a little hard to justify the extra steps, as well as doubling storage space since I never seem to delete anything. Curious as to what everyone else is doing, and how they approach the issue.

View QuoteYeah, this. I shoot Raw virtually all of the time, and use Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop for my processing. I have my color space set to Adobe RGB in the camera but, Camera Raw ignores that, and opens the file as whatever you have set in the program. I have Camera Raw set to to open my raw files as a ProPhoto RGB, 16 bit, 300ppi file. After I make my initial adjustments, I then open the file in Photoshop, and continue on with my processing. So I do all my processing in ProPhoto RGB because it is an even larger color space, than Adobe RGB. After all processing is complete, I can then convert the file to sRGB, or Adobe RGB, depending on the final use.

Does color space confuse you? The most common color spaces you’ll encounter are CMYK, Pantone, sRGB, Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB.

That means sRGB for the web, and since I don't do my own printing, I simply use whatever color space the printing company tells me to use. If shooting jpegs, I would definitely use sRGB in the camera. I did some more digging and nobody that I have seen has found who Costco is using to do the canvas prints. I looked at other vendors and most seem to want sRGB. I noticed that Bay Photo has a profile for soft proofing, but they want sRGB for some prints and AdobeRGB for others.

Here is Bay Photo's page. They cost quite a bit more than Costco. Not sure if you could print canvas smaller just to see what works (even rejecting those that look too bad) and then once you have that worked out you could go big. They are quite a bit cheaper than other sources. I am thinking for this you can't go wrong with sRGB. That is what they are going to be expecting from 99% of customers. If you wanted to use something different you would need to trial and error.

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I have found that if you don't use the sRGB colorspace that everyman uses when you print at walmart, you are bound for frustration there used to be a drycreek imaging guy that maintained a database of color profiles and target files to manage noritsu output at costcos and walmarts hey! He is still there has one of the most extensive listings available. It is far from complete, so some pointers for finding other digitally equipped labs follows.In the US, many (Ritz, Kits, Wolf),,, and locations have Frontier, Noritsu, or Agfa digital printers. Other nationwide stores including are slowly adding digital printers. In the Western US, are sprouting Frontiers. Many other photo outlets also have digital printers; shop around.

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