Double Tap Shortcut App For Mac

Double Tap Shortcut App For Mac

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Netflix appears to be testing -- or slowly rolling out -- a new user interface control scheme for its iOS app, which enables an unobtrusive volume indicator and lets users jump forwards or backwards in a video with a quick double-tap gesture. As, the update brings Netflix's video controls closer to those of YouTube on iOS, which lets users double tap on the right edge of the screen to fast forward 10 seconds and on the left side to rewind 10 seconds. Netflix's implementation includes the double tap gesture, as well as physical buttons on the screen that appear after you tap once on the video to bring up the playback controls.

Many people jailbreak their iPhone to install the app and the simple shortcut utility enables you to access all the system settings of your device with a quick Activator. For example, you can double tap the status bar of your iPhone to trigger the settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I was wondering if i could set a keyboard shortcut on Mac as a double tap of a modifier key. For example, the default shortcut of start dictation command is a double tap of the Fn (Function) key.

Image via Quick time jump controls have become increasingly popular in a variety of apps and in certain products, with Apple itself using a similar feature on its Siri Remote for Apple TV. On fourth and fifth generation devices, users can swipe to the right and click to jump forward 10 seconds and the same to go back 10 seconds, as long as the app supports Apple's native playback controls.

Turn off suggestions excel for mac In regards to the volume indicator, Netflix currently has a bit of an unclear method for this piece of UI:, while others still see Apple's large, semi-translucent square that blocks most of the video every time the volume is toggled. It appears that along with the new 10-second playback gestures, Netflix is also planning to release a unified and unobtrusive volume indicator, which sits at the top of the screen, similar to YouTube and Instagram. With no further information available regarding the update, it's unclear how widely available it is and if it will be launching for all users soon.

Many users on the original Reddit thread commented about not having the update, and no one at MacRumors has yet seen either the double tap gestures or new volume indicator. We've reached out to Netflix for comment and will update the post if we hear back.

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