'mac High Sierra \'hold For Authentication\' When Printing'

'mac High Sierra \'hold For Authentication\' When Printing'

'mac High Sierra \'hold For Authentication\' When Printing' Rating: 7,5/10 7550 reviews

One casualty of High Sierra is Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Microsoft has said that it will not offer support for it running on new macOS and it’s likely you’ll have problems with it. The only solution is to upgrade to Office 2016. For other apps, upgrade them and check the developer’s website for details of High Sierra support.

If you see this message when printing with Mobility Print This message can appear when printing from MacOS to print queues published with PaperCut Mobility Print if the user enters the wrong username or password. Pressing the refresh button gives the user a chance to reenter their credentials and, if the problem was due to an incorrect username or password, the job should go through with the correct credentials. The message can also appear if the Mobility print queue has enabled and the user has previously saved their credentials for printing in the Keychain. With credentials stored in the Keychain, the prompt for authentication won’t pop up, but if opened, the print queue window shows “Hold for authentication.” While annoying, this does prevent the more significant problem of a user accidentally saving their PaperCut credentials on a shared device. Disabling Per-Job authentication in Mobility Print prevents the above scenario, but won’t be practical if your users share devices and you want to prompt for credentials with each Mobility Print job. Alternatively, you open Keychain to delete the credentials in question, then cancel the job and retry.

A rogue Mobility server The pickle in this case is that if a user has connected to a print queue from the Primary server and also somehow installed PaperCut and Mobility on their computer, then anyone in the office that sends jobs to this queue receives “Hold for Authentication” on their macOS device or incorrect name or password on their iOS device. For example, ABC Co. Has a Mobility print server that publishes printers to Alice, Bob, and Chuck. At one point, for whatever reason, Chuck installed PaperCut and Mobility on his computer and promptly forgot about it. Remember that by default Chuck’s rogue Mobility server publishes print queues with mDNS. In any case, the real ABC Co.

Functionality and features will vary from product to product. Do not remove your previously installed ATI files. This installer will overwrite any files that need to be updated. Radeon 9600 for mac.

Video files for youtube. Mobility server is finally publishing queues, and Chuck adds one of its printers, ABC-Printer. Alice and Bob connect to ABC-Printer, but they get hold for authentication because of the colliding mDNS advertisements from multiple Mobility servers. However, Alice and Bob can print to the queue as long as Chuck takes his laptop to work from home. Also, the ABC Co Mobility server publishes another queue, ABC-Printer-BW, but luckily, Chuck never prints in black and white so he didn’t connect this printer to his rogue Mobility server which means everyone can print to it successfully. An apostrophe in the username The apostrophe shortcoming is inherent to macOS whether the user authenticates with their apostrophe-enabled username on a print queue advertised from Mobility or a print queue published directly from an AirPrint-enabled printer. At the time of this writing, we have yet to determine whether this lapse is due to CUPS, macOS, both, or something else entirely.

At any rate, a short-term workaround is to hit the print job’s refresh icon to input one’s credentials a second time, as, for some reason, the second authentication attempt sends the job through. Keep in mind every print job would require this workaround. However, a longer-term workaround is to leverage PaperCut’s feature. Turn on username aliasing under Options > Advanced > Username Aliasing. Next, go to your apostrophe-enabled user and populate their username alias with a name that doesn’t include an apostrophe.

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