Mac Computer For Video Editing

Mac Computer For Video Editing

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If you’re a creative professional looking for a laptop that can perform demanding tasks—including photo editing, video editing, graphic design, drawing, programming and developing, game design, and audio production—on the go, you should get what we call a power notebook.

The best computer for video editing provides optimal performance for running Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Maya, and other professional editing programs. Rendering and encoding footage at HD and higher resolutions demands a mid- to-high end CPU and a good amount of DRAM. Which components provide the non-negotiable performance needed for the job? Which ones provide the nice-to-have benefits that fall within your budget ranges? We’ll ferret all that out in this post.

Here’s a quick set of component recommendations for the best computer for video editing at several price increments. Windows PCs are the primary focus here. Learn more below the table about how I arrived at these, and viable substitutes for each. January 24th, 2017 at 6:59 AM This article in an example of someone not actually in the business, rather put together by searching around the web. The article fails to mention how many PCI-e lanes that each CPU supports.

This is very important because most editors will want a separate card for output monitoring that is 30 bit and supports true 4K. The author tells you to look at the difference between on-board and dedicated RAID. Dedicated RAID is the only way to go. On board RAID uses significant CPU resources and is not recommended for anything other than a RAID-0. The author claims you don’t need a Quadro card for AVID Media Composer. That is not true.

While Media Composer will;’start’ effects playback will be slow. Media Composer does REQUIRE a Quadro if you ever need to talk to AVID tech support, Without a Quadro, your system is not ‘qualified’ according to AVID and ANY problem you have will be blamed on that issue and they will not talk to you. If editing is just a hobby, follow this author’s advice. If your livelihood depends on the correct hardware, then contact a company like mine that specializes in this type of hardware.

Exclusive Bonus: my free cheatsheet (with examples) of the most used focal lengths in film (PDF file optimized for mobiles and tablets). Apple has always led the way when it came to computer design, at least as far back as I can remember.

Where Apple always lagged behind (a matter of opinion and not always fact) is in raw computing power. Other manufacturers must surely be scratching their heads over this one question: How come Apple can create so much excitement and passion over its products, by continuously reinventing and redesigning them, so that their customers (and non-customers) are willing to pay a premium for the privilege of using them? This article is a summary of my thoughts on the new Mac Pro.

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I am going to try to answer the following questions: • Why is the Mac Pro designed as it is, and how does it help video editors and post production professionals? • Why should you get excited (or not)? • Does the new Mac Pro deliver on its video editing promises? • Is the new Mac Pro expensive, or can you build a PC for cheaper? • Which model should you buy for best bang for your buck?

What is the new Apple Mac Pro? In many ways, the new Apple Mac Pro is simply an iteration of the old Mac Pro. It is a workstation-class computer designed for heavy lifting. In our industry, it means faster: • Video Editing • Photography Processing • Motion Graphics • Compositing and other VFX • 3D Animations Before we go on, it must be understood that a workstation has many other use scenarios, like in the fields of medicine, architecture, business, data centers, and so on. The Mac Pro is not only for video.

If I had to sum up Apple’s brief in creating this Mac Pro, I’d say it was somewhat along the lines of: It has to be half as big, but twice as good in every respect. Does it deliver? Here’s my answer, if you don’t want to read the rest of his article: Yes, it does. I believe it is a must-buy – if – you’re in the market for a new workstation-class computer, your favorite applications run on OS X, and you can afford the price of entry. There is no better deal out there, period. Sareesh Sudhakaran antoinegrasset quote: ———- GTX, though excellent, are not workstation class.

Mac Computer For Video Editing

They perform better, but workstations are primarily about reliability, service and low power consumption; specifically built for a certain task, not raw power. ———– You seem to contradict yourself. You say that they perform better, that workstations perform worse. So why spend that much money?

Service and reliability? They are exactly the same quality and if it breaks, you get it fixed through warranty, no problem. You might not be aware what the firepro and quattro series are made for: mostly for CAD and such programs, not video editing and graphics design. They often are required by the very specific programs like AutoCAD. They are also wildly overpriced, because they are often sold to companies, that have no choice but to buy them because only they have the certified drivers. The GTX series is as powerful, if not more (you can see that by the gigantic heat sink), but lack the drivers for these specific programs, hence forcing the buyers to buy the massively overpriced workstation series. Raw power by the way is the thing that gets your video rendered faster, so raw power is very important, it is actually the only thing that matters.

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