Labtech Script Failing For Windows, On Mac Running Bootcamp

Labtech Script Failing For Windows, On Mac Running Bootcamp

Labtech Script Failing For Windows, On Mac Running Bootcamp Rating: 9,5/10 3118 reviews

Microsoft released updates only for Windows 10 version 1709 and earlier and has not incorporated the updates into Windows 10 version 1803. Microsoft Windows I have a VM running on my Windows 10 Laptop (build 1703) in VMWare Workstation 14 Pro. The VM has been running fine for some time, also Windows 10 on build 1703. I'm having a **** of a time getting Windows update working on my 2009 Mac pro tower. I had someone perform an unofficial processor upgrade, swapping out the pair of 2.26 GHz quad cores for a pair of 3.33ghz 6 cores.

• Go into your deployment share (Deployment$ Scripts) and create a file named DiskPartMac.txt then insert the following contents into it: SELECT disk 0 SELECT partition 3 or SELECT partition 4 if you're running Lion FORMAT FS=NTFS LABEL='Bootcamp' QUICK EXIT • Create a standard Task Sequence in the Deployment Workbench, chose the OS you want to install. • Under Preinstall New Computer Only, delete 'Format and Partition Disk'. • Still under New Computer Only, create a command line action by clicking 'Add' at the top then 'General', then 'Run Command Line'.

Rename it to 'Custom Mac Format' and input the following command: diskpart /s '%scriptroot% DiskPartMac.txt' • Move it between 'Validate' and 'Copy scripts'. • Click on 'Install Operating System' under 'Install' and configure the target partition as Disk 0 Partition 3 or 4 if you're running Lion. Thanks for your TS, I don't know where the task sequence files are stored though so I can't use it. At any rate, just thought it'd be interesting to mention something interesting: I received recently two new MacBooks I deployed Windows 7 x64 onto. To perform the deployment, I used MDT 2010 on an ISO and the task sequence I created according to the instructions you posted in this blog post. One was a Core 2 Duo MacBook Air 13' and the other was a 2011 Core i7 MacBook Pro 13', both with a 256GB SSD (the MBP is screaming fast btw!).

IResize features a preview window although annoyingly, this only appears as soon as you start tinkering with the size - it doesn't appear as soon as you load pictures into it either via Finder or drag and drop. Free mac software for photo size editing. It's ideal for those resizing huge batches of images in one go due to the fact you can batch resize an unlimited number of images at one time. You can set a default resolution or size for all your images and iResize will automatically resize them.

With the MacBook Air, the task sequence failed at the disk formatting stage forcing me to manually format the partition to complete the installation. This is the same experience I had with other Macs (a 2010 C2D MacBook Pro 13' and a late 2009 iMac). With the 2011 Core i7 MBP however, the task sequence worked flawlessly without failing at the disk formatting stage. I believe therefore that the issue with the disk formatting failures are caused by inconsistencies in Apple products rather than an issue with MDT or your instructions.

This also explains why you haven't experienced this issue, probably because you weren't using the same Apple models I've been using.

I'm trying to craft a Labtech script to deploy Webroot to Macs. Webroot sent me a generic unsupported script to use with my choice of deployment tool, and I've also found Cubert's article ( ) about deploying VIPRE. I think I am most-of-the-way there, but I suspect permissions are getting in my way. Cubert's article states to run the shell script using a Shell Enhanced LT script step.

In LT 10.5 there is no Shell Enhanced script function that I see. I've tried Script as Admin, Script Enhanced, and Script as User with a local admin user on the Mac, and nothing has worked. The shell script that Webroot sent me uses the curl command to pull down the.dmg file from WR's servers. If log in to the Mac as a local admin user & open up a terminal window on the Mac, and then run the exact same command, the file downloads immediately - no prompts, no messages, no hassles at all. But when I run the shell script with the embedded command from Labtech, the.dmg is never downloaded.

I'm essentially copying Cubert's script (posted October 2013 at the URL above). Anybody have any ideas what I can do to get the shell script to download the.dmg?

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