Data Field V. Data Record Word For Mac Labels

Data Field V. Data Record Word For Mac Labels

Data Field V. Data Record Word For Mac Labels Rating: 9,2/10 6671 reviews

Then click the Synchronize button to copy the first label contents to all the other labels. Use View-->Field Names to verify whether or not you have the Next Record field in each label. If the the Synchronize button is not present you will have to copy the contents of the first label to all the other positions. Don't use the Data to Fields. I would like to use the 'Label' field instead of the Record Number for my temporary citations because I want to be able to edit references in a document, and then We are both planning on inserting into the Label field some combination such as 'Author, year, page number' that should be able to distinguish.

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Text Fields A text field is a rectangular area in which the user enters or edits one or more lines of text. A text field can contain plain or styled text. A text field that displays static text is known as a label. A text field that facilitates searching is known as a search field. A text field that displays tokenized text is known as a token field. For developer guidance, see.

Data Entry Use an introductory label or placeholder text to help communicate purpose. A label helps the user understand what type of information they should enter. A text field can also contain placeholder text—such as Email or Password—when there’s no other text in the field. A label is often unnecessary when placeholder text is present. Generally, labels should use title-style capitalization and end with a colon, while placeholder text should use sentence-style capitalization and no punctuation.

For related guidance, see. Consider using an expansion tooltip to show the full version of clipped or truncated text. An expansion tooltip behaves like a help tag and appears when the user places the pointer over the field. For related guidance, see.

Layout Considerations To the extent possible, match the size of a text field to the quantity of anticipated text. The size of a text field helps people gauge the amount of information to provide. Evenly space multiple text fields. If your layout includes multiple text fields, leave enough space between them so users can easily see which input field belongs with each introductory label. Generally, stack multiple text fields vertically. If you must position multiple labeled text fields horizontally, leave plenty of space between the end of one text field and the label of the next. Use consistent text field widths to create a more organized layout.

Using the same widths for multiple fields helps improve readability and provides a way to group related fields. For instance, the first and last name fields on an address form might be one width, while the address and city fields might be a different width.

Ensure that tabbing between multiple fields flows as expected. When tabbing between fields, focus should move in a logical sequence. The system attempts to achieve this result automatically, so customization is needed only in rare instances. Use a combo box to pair text input with a list of choices. Don’t try to achieve the same effect by pairing a text field and a popup button.

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