How To Create A Contact List In Outlook For Mac

How To Create A Contact List In Outlook For Mac

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Windows Create a new Contacts folder.In Outlook Contacts, right click on your current Contacts folder and select New Folder from the context menu. Give a name to this folder, let's call it Merge dupes for this example.; Move all your Outlook contacts to the newly created folder.

The Ultimate Guide to Office 365 Contact Groups are a great method for emailing a large group of recipients, like a department at your organization or even a family mailing list or other group like a team or club. You might be more familiar with the term “distribution list”–that’s what Contact Groups were called in earlier versions of Office. Setting up a list like this in Outlook 2013/2016 or Outlook on the Web (OWA) is easy.

To create a contact group/distribution list in Outlook 2013/2016: • From the Ribbon, select Address Book. • In the dialog box that appears, select File, and then select New Entry. • Choose New Contact Group and a new window will appear. • To add recipients, click the Add Members button and choose your desired option. If you choose From Outlook Contacts a dialog box will appear and you can choose your members. • Name the new group and click Save & Close.

To create a contact group/distribution list in Outlook on the Web (OWA): • From the People tab, select New and choose Contact Group from the drop-down menu. • Give your contact group a name in the List name field. • In the Add members field, begin to type a name or email address and it will be automatically searched for. To add that recipient to the group simply click their entry in the drop-down list. • Add any desired notes and click Save.


Now that your group is created, you can select it when you are entering recipients in a new email, saving you lots of time!

I’ve received a message with a lot of people in the To and CC field. As we’re all going to work on the same project, I want to create a Distribution List containing these people. Is there an easy way I can create a Distribution List directly from the message or do I have to manually add everybody (I hope not)? You can create a Contact Group (as Distribution Lists are called in Outlook 2010 and later) directly from the recipient list of the message but depending on your Outlook version and settings, you might need to take some additional steps.

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