Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Root Beer Simulation

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Root Beer Simulation

Excel Spreadsheet For Mac Root Beer Simulation Rating: 7,1/10 8503 reviews

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This subreddit is not endorsed or sponsored by Apple Inc. I love my Air. It's the only computer I use at work. All the programs are wonderful, except anything by Microsoft written for the mac.

Excel stalls horribly. Word is totally rearranged from how Word looks on the PC versions. It seems like a patch job of old Word software.features are missing, the commenting/review features are hideous (compared to PC MS Word). Office 2013 for the PC is really good.

I like all the features, but here I am relegated to using an amazing computer (best I've ever owned) with absolute garbage work software. Is the Microsoft Mac application dev team like one guy working in a basement with a red stapler? They need to up their game. While true, its sense as used here (as a description of a downgrade/de-powering) was popularized in Ultima Online. This is why you see it EXPLODE in usage after ~98 (UO was released in '97 and the term stuck). It was used before hand in the sense of an inferior product (Nerf Basketballs sucked balls, but were useful for little kids not getting hurt) but it's entered the lexicon due to UO and has been used since then for more things than video games. Fun fact: NERF is an acronym for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam but no-one is sure if that's a backronym or not as it was a slang term for the foam padding used in off-road racing as well.

To be fair, in the past they released some features to Mac first and then the Windows version caught up later and vice versa. There was stuff in 2008 (Mac) that wasn't in 2007 (Win) but later appeared in 2010 (win).

It just didn't seem to happen with 2011. I can't really remember much changing between 2008 and 2011. I think they tried to make it a bit more native Mac functionality instead of doing Windows like things on a OSX. But yeah, I was a bit disappointed with 2011. I think they struggle with trying to do things the Office/Windows way which might feel odd on a Mac, or do it the Mac way which might feel odd if you are used to Windows Office. I suspect also that they pumped a lot of effort into the iPad versions that maybe would have been used on polishing the OSX versions, but that's speculation on my part. Warning: Rant Incoming!

Also, I think the biggest pain in the ass is that all MS apps on the mac currently: • use ONLY one core. This means that working with 50,000+ data points in excel is impossible. Complex operations on such a large data set are tedious and taxing. • use CPU rendering. The GPU does NO work in the mac version of Excel or Powerpoint.

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