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Dec 3, 2018 - ExpressVPN is our top choice for the best all-round VPN on the Mac. The firm's dedicated app is intuitive and very user-friendly, featuring a. 5 days ago - This guide will show you how to set up ExpressVPN for Mac on Mac OS X. This app requires Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan),.

June 27, 2018 Update The ExpressVPN Taiwan 3 manual OpenVPN server is now working again in China using this method. June 25, 2018 Update The great firewall of China has blocked almost all VPN servers this afternoon around 3pm including the ExpressVPN Taiwan 3 manual OpenVPN server. I will still leave this tutorial up in case someone might find it useful in the future.

Many VPN services are currently 100% blocked without a single working server. I'm happy to confirm that my have been restoring servers for users in China very quickly and they each have a few servers that are working good right now. See the for daily updates and server speed tests. If you are having trouble connecting to, you will need to log out of your account and then re-authenticate using the activation code from your account setup page on the. Hong Kong 4, Los Angeles 2, Los Angeles 3, Tokyo, and Singapore Jurong and a few others should be working after you do this.

If you are having trouble with, you will need to restart the app to refresh the server list. Then you should be able to connect to Los Angeles 4, Los Angeles 5, Tokyo 2, Hong Kong 2, and Germany. With tested with the Shadowsocks protocol on the China Optimized 2 (HK) and China Optimized 4 (SG) servers. Both were working very well. How to connect to ExpressVPN using manual OpenVPN configurations Published on June 24, 2018 In today's tutorial I am going to show you how to connect to using manual OpenVPN configuration files with third party OpenVPN clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Why use third party OpenVPN clients instead of the ExpressVPN app? As the, ExpressVPN has some seriously fast servers for China and very nice dedicated apps to connect to them with.

Unfortunately, the fastest servers have been blocked in China for the last few days. I was experimenting with different server locations and connection methods trying to find the fastest server to use and I discovered that Taiwan 3 was not blocked when connecting with the manual OpenVPN configuration (although it's blocked when using the app). Appears to be using separate IP addresses for the app servers and the manual OpenVPN servers. If a server IP used by the app is blocked, sometimes the manual OpenVPN connection for the same server location will still work. As these manual OpenVPN servers get used much less often, I suspect that they tend to stay 'under the radar' of the GFW and don't get blocked as easily.


Another reason for using third party OpenVPN clients is that most of them are open source and considered the safest to use by security experts. Although I trust the ExpressVPN app, I often use the OpenVPN GUI app with manual OpenVPN configs when testing other VPN services that I don't know or trust. The disadvantage of using these third party apps is that they lack many of the nice features of the dedicated apps such as built-in server speed testing, kill switch, nice user interface, etc. Most VPNs will not work at all in China using manual OpenVPN connections.

This is because most of VPN providers have not figured out how to make the standard OpenVPN protocol work in China. Only and a few others have managed to figured this out. Ok, let's get started.

How to setup manual OpenVPN on Windows. Download the configuration files for the servers that you want to connect to. I am just doing Taiwan 3 for this tutorial but you may want to set up a few different locations.

Leave this page open because you will need to come back here later to copy your username and password. Step 3 - Edit the config to block DNS leaks (for Windows 10) If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you can skip this step. Windows 10 is notorious for DNS leaks and the VPN will not working properly unless we add the block-outside-dns directive to the configuration file. Open the.ovpn file in a text editor and add a new line with the text block-outside-dns as shown below.

How to setup manual OpenVPN on Android Android is a little more difficult. The standard.ovpn configuration file from ExpressVPN will not work on the official OpenVPN Connect Android app because the. And ExpressVPN is using the fragment directive in their config. I later found out that there is another OpenVPN app for Android that does support the fragment directive. You can use the app (alternative download ) with the config files directly. For this tutorial, I am going to show you how to modify the config file for TCP so it can be used with the official OpenVPN Connect app (I will need to do this for iOS anyway because there is no OpenVPN app for iOS that supports the fragment directive).

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