Word For Mac 2011 Can Open Odt File

Word For Mac 2011 Can Open Odt File

Word For Mac 2011 Can Open Odt File Rating: 9,0/10 5211 reviews

I am running Lion 10.7.2 with Office for Mac 2011 version 14.1.4. Whenever I try to open a docx file created from a windows box the file opens but most of the content is unreadable. The odt file extension is used by many, mainly open source word processors (Apache OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer) for their default text document format. ODT file format is a text format based on OpenDocument Format scheme.

Ever get a.doc (Microsoft Word) file as an email attachment on your Mac, only to find that you can’t seem to open it or do anything to view the contents of the file? There are an incredible number of Windows PCs in the workplace. And almost all of them have a program called Microsoft Word, which is by far the predominant word processing application. Word creates.doc or.docx files, which is its native file format. Occasionally, Windows users decide to forward on one of these.doc files to a friend or colleague, forgetting to inquire whether they have or use Microsoft Word. A typical Mac user, in fact, won’t have Microsoft Word on their Mac. It is certainly available, and even popular among Mac users.

But if you are a casual computer user, you probably haven’t invested in Microsoft Office for Mac, which means you don’t have Word. So how can you open these files?

Fortunately, a Mac user has many options. The first is to simply use TextEdit, a program that comes with Mac OS X. Long-time computer users might mistake TextEdit for a simple text editor, like Notepad or SimpleText. But TextEdit is capable of relatively advanced formatting, and can do tricks like, well, open.doc files. But TextEdit is no Word.

Word has hundreds of layout and design elements that can do anything from a simple letter to a complete book. Fortunately, the vast majority of Word files that you will get will be rather simple, barely touching on Word’s real power. 'pdfelement for mac \'free trial\''. So opening them in TextEdit will most likely give you at least a glimpse at the content of the file. However, don’t expect the layout or design of the document to be intact. How do you reconcile lmultiple ittle square in quickbooks for mac 2016. Here’s an example of a Word document on the left, and the result when you open it up in TextEdit on the right. But don’t grab your wallet go off and buy Office for Mac yet.


You’ve got some more options if TextEdit doesn’t cut it. Two open source office programs can be downloaded and installed for free, and both can open and display Word files, including some of the design features. The first is OpenOffice, which you can get at The second is NeoOffice, which is at The second program is actually and off-shoot of the first. Here is how NeoOffice 2.2 displays the document (right) compared to the original in Word (left).

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