Shoebill Mac Emulator

Shoebill Mac Emulator

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Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word shoebill. Was not possible until 2014's introduction of a particular Macintosh II emulator named Shoebill.

Shoebill Hardware Emulated Guest Operating System(s) A/UX Host Platform(s) OS X Type Emulator Available As Source Website Shoebill is an emulator, intended to run and the first emulator capable of doing so. As of May 2014, Shoebill is still very new and is not yet complete, but is able to host A/UX versions 1.1.1 to 3.0. Emulation State Hardware Emulated Notes CPU Yes Motorola 68020 + 68881 FPU MMU Partial Motorola 68851 MMU Graphics Yes Standard 8-bit NuBus graphics adapter Sound No Floppy Disk No Hard Disk Yes NCR 5380 SCSI CD/DVD Yes NCR 5380 SCSI Keyboard/Mouse Yes Apple Desktop Bus Serial No Network No PRAM No Emulation Checklist Requirement Critical Notes Shoebill Yes Download Apple Macintosh II series ROM Yes Mac II and IIx ROMs are noted to work with Shoebill, IIcx ROMs are listed as untested A/UX 1.x - 3.0 Yes Versions higher than 3.0 do not yet work (May 2014) External Links •.

Funny, I was researching about this just yesterday! From what I've read (haven't tested anything yet so don't take my word for it), QEMU runs PowerPC versions of Mac OS X much better than PearPC does. It also supports Mac OS X Leopard, something PearPC doesn't (remember, PearPC hasn't been updated since around 2011, IIRC). As for Mac OS 9, it seems to be around the same as SheepShaver.

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However, the big advantage QEMU has is memory management unit emulation, thus allowing you to run Mac OS 9.1 and later; SheepShaver has no MMU emulation and as such can only run up to Mac OS 9.0.4. Does QEMU work with Mac OS 7 or 8? I'll have to test when I get home later today. Speaking of MMU's, Basilisk II could really use MMU emulation.

QEMU doesn't emulate 680x0 processors, but Basilisk II does, and with MMU emulation, Basilisk II could run A/UX. Currently, the only emulator to do that is an obscure one called Shoebill, but that's been abandoned by its creator and the latest builds are macOS-only. How great would it be to finally have a proper emulator that runs A/UX, eh?

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