Remove Autocomplefor Password In Chrome For Mac

Remove Autocomplefor Password In Chrome For Mac

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Chrome has this nifty feature of automatically saving the typed URL in it’s history. The saved URL then appears in auto-suggestions while typing the similar letters present in the URL. This makes it possible to open websites quickly and hence save a lot of time. But at times we type an incorrect site address with an additional letter or special character in the name. A typo basically.

The incorrect URL then keeps popping up in the address bar which is highly irritating. However, you can easily delete autocomplete URL in Chrome on Windows and Mac. To find out the steps read on.

Sidekick hubspot for outlook mac pro Chrome browser allows you to remove autofill URL on both Mac and PC. Using the delete functionality it is possible to remove particular URL’s from the URL auto-suggestions. If you are looking to delete certain sites from browser history then follow this. To remove URL from Chrome autocomplete follow the steps below. Delete Autocomplete URL in Chrome 1.

You can remove saved autofill entries and disable Google Chrome’s autofill feature. Or “Preferences” for Mac. Make Google Chrome Save Passwords Without Prompting. Jun 28, 2011 - If the data you want to delete is not a password but rather a saved form follow this. On Mac OS it's Fn + Backspace or Fn + Shift + Delete.


Open the Chrome browser and start typing the URL you wish to delete. When the URL is highlighted use the following key combination. Use key combination when URL is highlighted • For Mac – fn + Shift + Delete • For Windows – Shift + Delete With this, that particular URL will be removed from the auto-suggestion. Similarly, you can delete other unwanted specific URL’s from the Chrome autocomplete history.

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