Overwatch For Mac?

Overwatch For Mac?

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How do I install Overwatch on Mac? - I use Bootcamp to install Windows. And I installed I am trying my best to show the way you can download overwatch for Mac computer please follow all the steps.

Dear Blizzard, I know this has been asked tons of times, but can we please have a native Overwatch for macOS? I know that there's already an alternative to have Overwatch installed in your Mac by using Bootcamp, and yes, the game works fine and is playable, and has good graphics too, but as with everything else, is absolutely not the same. Imagine the inconvenience of having to switch back and forth between OSs just to play the game? Also, take in account that Bootcamp completely squashes the user experience for the Mac by not using the native gestures in the touch pad and the hardware as effectively as macOS does. There's also a game from another developer that is gaining popularity recently and is basically 'copying' Overwatch. They even schedule events like double XP at the same time.

You know what game I'm talking about, and yes I will never play it because it's nothing like Overwatch. But my point is, if they could make the game compatible with macOS, I'm sure you, Blizzard, a much bigger and strong company can as well:) Among a numerate of reasons, it's certainly a no no to have macOS users have no option but to install Bootcamp if they wish to play in their laptops. I currently play Overwatch in console, but would love to also play in my Mac from time to time, particularly when I travel or visit family, as the console is not as portable as my Mac, and I love the game. So please Blizzard, hear me out, as I'm sure many other macOS users share the same thoughts and would love to have Overwatch in their Mac computers too. A note for the rest of the community: If you don't own a Mac, are not interested on having one, or really don't understand what having a Mac and the experience of having it is, and think that this is a useless topic, please don't post in this topic. I'm sure there are other numerous topics elsewhere to rant about macOS users and those will be more suitable to express your feelings. Technically there should be no reason why this wouldn't be possible, particularly as Mac hardware is essentially PC hardware (hence why bootcamp works).

The more significant issue is the difference in the software frameworks provided by the OS. Windows has DirectX, Mac doesn't. So it'd depend on how 'portable' the game itself is. Considering it's available for consoles as well - PS4 for example will be totally different - the framework for doing this should already be there I'd expect. But as to how big a task it would be - I wouldn't know. Personally I'd like to see more games supported under Linux and again that's technically possible but I've been happy in the past to dual-boot between Linux for getting things done and Windows for playing games or using certain programs that don't behave well under Linux. It's not as elegant a solution of course but for now at least that seems the only option.

A side-note mostly relating to your final paragraph: I don't know if things have changed in recent years but Macs never used to be touted as a gaming platform - mostly those involved with art/graphics/music would say words to the effect of 'you need one of these to be taken seriously in this industry'. I know there are games available for it of course but typically the consideration is PC vs Console when someone wants to choose what to play games on. I've nothing against anyone that chooses to use a Mac, though having used them myself I didn't find them to be to my liking, but the availability of games or other software for a platform would probably depend on whether the creator of that platform pushes to advertise it as a gaming platform, as well as if developers actually think it is beneficial to spend time making it work on that platform. Anyway, hopefully if there is enough demand for it, something might happen. Jeff “It was a result of not having all the technological support we needed to make the game viable on Mac systems.” says Kaplan, referring to Apple’s policies with OSX.

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