Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac

Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac

Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac Rating: 5,8/10 9809 reviews

To remove Kaspersky Total Security from your computer, follow these steps: • In the lower-right corner of the Desktop, right-click the application icon and select Exit on the shortcut menu. If the icon is hidden, click the button ( Show hidden icons), and then move your mouse pointer over the Kaspersky Total Security icon. • If Kaspersky Total Security is password-protected, enter the password and click Continue. If you forgot the password, follow these to restore it. • Run the Setup Wizard. Best For instructions on how to remove programs, click a link that refers to your operating system: •.

To remove Kaspersky Internet Security 16 for Mac: In the Mac OS X tray, click the Kaspersky icon and select Quit on the shortcut menu. Open the installation file of Kaspersky Internet Security 16. If you have not saved the installation file, download it. Double-click Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security. In the Uninstallation window, click.

• For users • For users • If you are using Windows 8.1: •, click the button to open the Apps view. • If you are using Windows 8: • On the Start screen, right-click the empty space. • On the panel that appears in the lower part of the screen, click All apps. • On the Apps screen, right-click Kaspersky Total Security.

• Click Uninstall on the App bar. • In the Programs and Features window, select Kaspersky Total Security and click Uninstall/Change. • In the Attention!

Window, click Accept. • Click Next in the installation wizard. • If the Kaspersky Total Security settings are password-protected, type your password at the step titled Password for uninstalling the application and click Next. If you forgot the password, follow these to restore it.

• At the Saving objects step, select check boxes of the types of data you want to retain: • License information. • Quarantine files (the option is active if the application has detected any malicious objects and moved them to ). • Operational settings of the application ( configured by the user). • iChecker data (the iChecker technology is used to increase the application's performance).


• Backup data (if applicable). • At the Ready to uninstall step, click Remove.

• Wait until the wizard deletes program files and registry keys. To complete the process, it is necessary that you restart the computer. To restart immediately, click Yes in the respective dialog box.

If you want to postpone the restart and reboot the computer manually, click No. On system restart, the application will be completely removed from your computer. If Kaspersky Total Security has been password-protected, then you may be prompted to enter the password when exiting or removing the application. If you forgot the password,. If you encounter any problems when removing or installing Kaspersky Total Security, send a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via.

In your request, give a detailed description of your issue. Roboto font for microsoft powerpoint mac. Attach the screenshots of the errors, if you receive any, as well as the report. You can find information about how to use the service on the page.

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