Modloader For Mac Minecraft

Modloader For Mac Minecraft

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LIKE, FAVORITE, AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Terminal codes and links!- Link to text document with terminal codes: Modloader link: How to install Modloader mods on all versions of Minecraft 1.6!- On another note, please pay careful attention to everything said in this video. If you screw up, rewatch the video and try again! If I can do it, you can do it! 'I don't have files in the mctmp folder' -Make sure you named your folder 1.6.2ML, your.jar 1.6.2ML.jar, and your.json 1.6.2ML.json.

'No ModLoader profile shows up by default.' -In your launcher, create a 'New Profile' with the 1.6.2ML. 'It did not work for me.'

Now recently I have been noticing that there is too much people that do not know how to put in Modloader or Forge and it makes them frustrated because they don't know how to load mods and cannot play minecraft with them. I remember how frustrated I was because of that as well. That's the reason why.

-Your comment was removed. This is because it does work and I even prove it at the end. 'I NEEDZ HELP PLZ YOU SCREWED UP ME MNCRFT!' -Comment removed. I shouldn't even bother wasting my time with you. 'I followed everything in the video, but the game keeps crashing.'

-Check the troubleshooting guide I left for you here. 'Can't open the.json file.' -Right click the file, do 'Open With' and click TextEdit. 'Where is my library/I can't find my user folder?' -Go to Macintosh HD/Users/'your home folder should look like a house' ____________________________________ Troubleshooting Guide: 1. In your minecraft folder save these files to your desktop: 2.

Patch for excel for mac 2011. Saves, resourcepacks, stats, options.txt, servers.dat. Then delete everything else in the folder. Open up your launcher and reinstall 1.6.2, files should reappear. Then, take the files you saved from the desktop and replace the files it asks if you want to replace in the minecraft. Then, watch the ModLoader tutorial again! Hope this helps!

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