Microsoft Word For Mac 2011 Not Responding

Microsoft Word For Mac 2011 Not Responding

Microsoft Word For Mac 2011 Not Responding Rating: 6,0/10 4454 reviews

I am using osxfuse to develop a network disk with our service on mac osx, when I open a office2011 file and save in my disk, it will appear this error as below: but it is fine for office 2016.

Hi, please help! I cannot save documents in MS Word. I have Windows VISTA and MS Office 2007; I am not able to save or even edit my document. As soon as I open the document it shows NOT RESPONDING. If I try to create a NEW document and press 'save' or 'save as' the same thing: NOT RESPONDING error appears at the title bar.

Yesterday I even uninstalled and installed MS Office but it did not solve the problem. The documents are very important to me. I don’t want to lose any data. So please help to fix the issue.

Microsoft word is noted as the most popular and the best text editor that offers hundreds of handy features. Due to its user friendly design it has been widely used, which saves the file in both DOC and However, like other applications even MS word comes along with its own share of troubles. At times due to a small mistake your word would freeze throwing “MS Word not responding” message. When your MS word freezes frequently and throws a not responding error message on the top of the menu then it indicates word document corruption. It is a tedious situation and will be worried about what to do when word is not responding! In such case, you just try terminating the Word application and restart the program else restart the system.

If these don’t help then follow the resolution below: How to fix the not responding error on Word? To handle this situation, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to disable all the third party plug-ins. This is because some of the third party apps could lead to such word error. In order to do this you need to open the MS Word in Safe Mode with no add-ons (or plug-ins) and see if this helps: Start Microsoft Office program in User-Initiated Safe mode Method 1: • Go to start menu Click on Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft Office • Then press and hold the Ctrl key, and click on the Microsoft Office Word program Method 2: In the Command prompt window Go to command prompt and then use the /safe option before you launch the MS Word program.

After disabling all the add-ons exit the program to stop User-Initiated Safe mode and then start it again normally. Both these methods would yield same results and hence any method can be used. Also, at times malware or virus infection can lead to word corruption hence, make sure you’ve installed reliable anti-virus software and just perform a complete system scan. Even after performing these if you encounter same issue then your word file might be severely corrupt and hence there is a need to fix it.

Remo Repair Word is excellent software that could easily fix word document that is not responding effortlessly that too with all its data intact. The tool is designed to work independent of the reason behind the corruption.

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Whatever might be the reason for corruption, the software is capable of fixing your word file with utmost ease. Also, while upgrading your Office application from 2012 to 2013 if you have inaccessibility then know that this tool will fix the issue irrespective of the reason for inaccessibility. Features of Remo Repair Word Remo Repair Word is an ultimate solution that could easily repair your corrupt word document and lets you open the not responding word file in just few simple clicks. The tool is equipped with highly advanced algorithms that could easily scan, detect all the errors on the word document and fixes them securely. After repair you can easily extract all your word data including the attached hyperlinks, embedded tables, pictures, clip arts and many others with high accuracy. Thus it is the best to repair the Word document safely.

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