Whatsapp For My Mac Laptop

Whatsapp For My Mac Laptop

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Osx free to download for apple users. When whatsapp came into existence, it was restricted to mobile devices (phones and tablet) only, like whatsapp for android, whatsapp for Symbian, whatsapp for windows phone, whatsapp for java, whatsapp for apple IOS and lot more. But as time went by, the company owners decided to shift it to another better step by including the computer. With this move, Whatsapp is now finer and better with whatsapp for PC fully integrated into the whatsapp messenger series which is available for download.

Am happy to say this; With whatsapp on PC it is now easier to send unlimited messages to your friends both those on mobile list and those on same whatsapp for PC using same whatsapp for PC messenger app. It is really cool because it enables you to send those vital files on your PC through whatsapp on PC to your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world, my kitchen inclusive. Download Whatsapp for PC for FreeTo complete your whatsapp for PC and installation, carefully follow our step by step method.

Thanks to this pretty simple but very effective trick, you can effortlessly use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your Mac or Windows PC. If you often have to switch.

This app is available on Google play store, iTunes store, Windows phone app store, Blackberry App Worldand on Nokia Ovi store. But I will advise you to use the one from Google Play store. How to change columns outlook for mac. Please be informed that whatsapp for Personal Computer application is free and available for one year. Premium users are to pay $0.99 annually for same whatsapp for PC. The cost is relatively low and available to all users so as to get wider reach. Whatsapp on PC download for free and installation processThis is a very easy step below to enable you get the best of this application. Note: The download of this version of whatsapp for PC is not from the official whatsapp app is not from the official whatsapp website, but it works effectively well on window Vista/XP/7/8 and Mac OS.

Step 1 Before you start up the downloading process, you must have your device Laptop or Desktop connected to the internet. Step 2 To download whatsapp on your PC/desktop, you will firstly download Bluestack app player and install it. You can download Bluestack by clicking here Step 3 Use the search tool of the Bluestack to search for whatsapp. Once you find, download and install How to use whatsapp on Computer Once you completely installed the whatsapp app through Bluestack, you can now whatsapp from the app using your PC interface.

Hope you find the process easy and fun full to go. Thousands of people across the world now whatsapp from their PC, as it give them access to access their files inside the PC, use PC keyboard and PC screen to whatsapp. The application is free and whatsapp for PC works for both window XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac IOS Whatsapp desktop version is now in high demand. With this app users can create group of at least 50 persons.

So with whatsapp for PC you can now reunite with your old friends and distance relative or even create a group for them. Users can share experiences through chats, picture shearing, shearing emotions and moments, smiley, stickers, voice note, contacts even their various location using whatsapp for PC app on their desktop and laptops. Whatsapp for Personal Computer App With whatsapp for PC users can block contacts they don’t readily want to chat with. Whatsapp user base have grown into hundreds of millions just on the whatsapp mobile version only. With the introduction of whatsapp for PC, demand increased tremendously.

You will get to meet lot and lot of your friends and relatives that are on whatsapp for PC (laptop and Desktop) or on the mobile version. Whatsapp for PC is easy and simple to use, as you will not find need for help because of the simplicity of the chatting interface while using the whatsapp messenger.

It is time to share this information with your friends and family using the Facebook, Twitter and Google using the links below. You can also ask your questions in the comments section below and I will do the best I can to answer them correct. Do you have any suggestion on this topic? Feel free to tell us what you know.

Update: WhatsApp team launched dedicated applications for Windows for OS 8 and for MAC OS X 10.9 or higher. You can download the application direct from. Once you download the app, you can sync the app with your Smart Phone by scanning the QR Code like we described in this article for WhatsApp web app. WhatsApp team rolling out a new version of their app for all users; WhatsApp WebApp.

This web application is exactly like a mobile app, that can use to send text, audio, and video files and also sync the messages with a browser and mobile real time. WhatsApp recommend to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser for the best performance especially for the media transfer. This WebApp supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Nokia S60 and Nokia S40 at this point and more models are adding to the list.

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