Magsafe-to-usb-c Adapter For Mac Air

Magsafe-to-usb-c Adapter For Mac Air

Magsafe-to-usb-c Adapter For Mac Air Rating: 8,7/10 1962 reviews

The Apple 29W USB-C Power adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. This adapter is compatible with MacBook computers featuring a USB-C port and requires a USB-C Charge Cable (sold separately). 1-16 of 197 results for 'magsafe to usb c' ELECJET Anywatt, USB C Magsafe Adapter, Type C to Magsafe 1&2 Converter Adapter Charge, Compatible with New MacBook Pro/Air and Any USB C Devices by ELECJET.

Not only does this charger fray and break incredibly quickly (in a time that is ridiculous for the price of the product) and is used as fast as a disposable wipe, but the charger does not stay in the computer well. The magnet is weak and the part of the charger that plugs into the computer is so short, there is no way you could've thought this would stay in. Honestly I wonder why you even thought to release such a bad product at all, let alone at such a ridiculous price! This is outrageous. 20 of 22 people found this useful.

The MacBook Air laptop is very durable, but the MagSafe adapter/cord is breaks and wears down very quickly compared to other Mac laptop adapter/cords. Both laptop and cord are transported daily to and from my workplace. They are both in a courier bag and sometimes get banged around a little. However, the laptop does NOT even have a scratch whereas the MagSafe adapter has 4 breaks in the cord and the converter (block) has several cracks and now does not operate. My older laptop (2008) and MagSafe adapter / cord does have a few problems, but still work. The laptop open/close latch does not open easily and the MagSafe adapter has cracks, but both still work. Apple: please keep the quality high with the MagSafe adapters.

18 of 20 people found this useful. What I do not like at all in the MacBook Air MagSafe2 charger is the fact that you cannot unplug the cable from the charger (like you can in other Apple products) and you need to buy the whole thing again when all you need is the cable. Durability-wise I am satisfied. I've had it for a respectable 3 years and the charger still works. Top cd and dvd copy for mac high sierra. I am buying a new charger-cable set because my kittens bit at the cable and the cable transmission is cut off. I think it is a rip off that I have to buy the whole set rather than only the cable.

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Complain all you want about the loss of standard USB ports and the SD card reader from Apple’s MacBook Pro line, but the thing that annoys me most is the fact that MagSafe is gone. I can’t tell you how many times my Apple laptops have been saved by that brilliant magnetic connector. The current MacBook Pro line only has USB Type-C ports, but thankfully there are companies out there that recognize how silly it was for Apple to nix the MagSafe port. That’s why there are products out there like the. Connect it to your charging brick and it’ll charge your MacBook Pro just as fast as the USB-C cable included with your laptop. But if someone accidentally steps on it while you’re working, it’ll pop right off your laptop instead of dragging it down onto the ground and smashing it.

Here’s more info from the product page: • Strong Magnetic Protection: magnetic interface charge within 1 second, no need worry about disconnecting or dropping off in charging your type c devices when no one’s around.(Reversible magnetic connector charging) • Fast Charging Speed: up to 20V/4.3A, this magnetic type C charging cable has faster charger speed than other charger cable, full charge your MacBook less than 2 hours(with one 45W PD adapter), it is absolutely high quality and high efficiency. (only for Charging, NO data transfer) • L Side Right Angle Design: this magnetic usb c cable adopted L side interface design to avoid clutter layout and winding, fit your MacBook perfectly and keep desk clean, give you a good mood. • Durable Materials: with high quality aluminum metal interface and nylon braided material cable, this magnetic c cable has high melting point, high strength, better wear resistance and anti-corrosive properties than other cable.

• Compatible Devices: USB Type C laptops, such as New Macbook Pro/Macbook Air/Macbook, Chromebook Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Book, HP Spectrex360, Microsoft Surface Book, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell XPS,etc. Type C Smartphones, such as Samsung S8, Huawei P9&P10, HTC10, LG Nexus 5X, Xiao MI 6s,etc.

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