How To Use A Mac As A Monitor For Xbox 360

How To Use A Mac As A Monitor For Xbox 360

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Apple Thunderbolt Display (27' flat panel): I don't think there is any way. A thunderbolt port is required. A mini display port looks similar but is not the same thing. You would need a capturing device in order to use an xbox as a display on your laptop. Your best bet would be to get a monitor of your choice, anything with dvi or hdmi would work and some.

Hello to this forum and I'm hoping this hasn't been asked yet(did a quick search and it didn't seem like this exact question was asked yet). I have a 23' Apple Cinema Display (the older model in the clear plastic casing) with a Dual 2ghz G5. I'm not to technically inclined yet as I just got into computers and decided to give macs a try. I just got a xbox 360 and was hoping to connect it to my cinema display. Just wondering if this is possible. From what I understand my G5 has and DVI out which is why I had to get a DVI to ADC adapter for it to work with my display. Microsoft sells a VGA adapter but I'm guessing that will not work with my display.

Also if it is possible what type of device would I need to use the monitor with the xbox and the G5 together? (I know I can't use them at the same time but alternate so I don't have to keep unplugging and hooking up cables every time I go between machines). Any help would be much appreciated. I'm running an 12 inch powerbook with a 23 inch display. The powerbook is new and so is the display. The El gato EZ allows you to hook up by either components or S video, the later is better than the former. Powerpoint viewer for mac 2017.

The reasons why El Gato EZ won't do the trick: 1. The resolution that the El Gato gives you is crap. Max resolution is enough to give you a decent TV picture at a 6x6 square. Anything greater than that and you get blockyness. The Xbox360 is meant to be played full screen, and the pic is terrible with full screen on. Not even comparable to the original xbox or ps graphics.

Download vpn clinet for mac. I'm not exagerating. El Gato says there is no latency but you will definetly notice that there is one when you start to play games using the xbox360 on your apple display using the EZ as your bridge.

You will especially notice it when playing 1st person shooters. Constantly over aiming. What I mean by that is that since there is a slight delay, you will aim down to center your aim on a target, but the bullseye will eventually point to your feet since you've pointed down too long in the Xbox's opinion. Trust me, I've tried it, it isn't satisfactory. Not really even close.

You'll get the game and sound on your screen and speakers, but the game will be very frustrating and the xbox will go back on the TV eventually. I'm with you guys about wishing there was a solution to getting true full screen high definition for the 360 the same way it is at the local best buy. All at an affordable price however. I just received the proper connections to hook an Xbox 360 (w/HDMI output) to an Apple Cinema Display. When I did, the monitor shut down and the small light would blink three times in succession.

So no dice, which is a pity since the ACD is such an awesome monitor. And to think I can go down to the local Best Buy and grab a 23' monitor with full HDMI support for under $300??? Why does Apple do this? Can't Jobs and Gates just get along. Ps If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be forever in your debt.

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