How To Comment A Block In Vba In Excel For Mac

How To Comment A Block In Vba In Excel For Mac

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In Excel VBA, there are several ways to comment a line of a code. You can achieve it by a single quotation (‘), Comment block butto n in the toolbar or adding the Rem keyword. A commented line in a code is always highlighted with green color.

Writing VBA code in Excel has many challenges. Sometimes we test and experiment with large blocks of code.

In such cases it would be useful to have an option to comment or uncomment multiple lines at once. Otherwise, if we do it line by line, we can waste a lot of time.

This tip can actually save you a lot of time and energy. All you have to do is to select all lines of code you want to comment or uncomment. To make this option visible go to View – Toolbars – and tick the Edit option. A new set of options will appear in the toolbar. Among them you will find the Comment/Uncomment buttons, as you can see in the image. This option can save you from hassle and wasting a lot of time when writing and experimenting with code, and many developers have overlooked it.

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It is always much easier to work with blocks of code, than having to comment or uncomment a single line by line.

Tom, you are correct in that they are related. In one question I am asking why the Remove.Module1 and Save doesn't work in my Workbook_activate macro (which in my below example I called Macro1). Getting that to work would be my first choice. In this post, I am exploring a less than desireable alternative. That alternative would be to have some sort of commentout code in Macro2 (which is in Module1, which I want to delete for security purposes) to comment out the Call Macro2 line in my Macro1 example. Without commenting it out, after I delete Module1, and I have a workbook_activate event, the macro bombs. This is because the code won't compile because it can't find that macro.

It must be doing runtime compiling each time it fires. An another alternative, which I believe you Tom answered in my other thread, is to delete the line of code that calls the macro (the Call Macro2 line in my Macro1). In that other post I explained more fully what I am trying to accomplish. So back to my question here for you Excel MVPS - how would I use VBA to comment out a line of VBA code? Even if you can't comprehend exactly why I want to do it, what tricks can you all conjure up that will do this commenting out?

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Quote: 'Will the 'Comment Block' button in the VBE not suffice?Will the 'Comment Block' button in the VBE not suffice?' No, because that is what a programmer uses manually while writing code, whereas I want the code as it is running to comment another line out.

Use once and disable.

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