How To Change Language For Excel Mac

How To Change Language For Excel Mac

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How To Change Language For Excel Mac

Does anyone know how I can change the default language for office on Mac OS? After you change the default editing language, you need to close all your Office 2010 programs, and then open them again for the change to take effect.

Mac Excel version and Mac Office language settings Introduction It can be useful to know what the Excel version and the Excel language is of the Excel application that opens your workbook so your code can do different things depending of the version/language. Note: Read also this page Excel Version Number You can use Application.Version to get the version number of Excel as a string. We can use the Val function in Excel to make it numeric so we can test the number. The macro below will display a msgbox with the Excel version, working in Excel for Windows also, you can replace the msgbox line with your code or a Macro call. Sub TestMacOrWindowsOfficeVersion() 'Test the conditional compiler constants #If MAC_OFFICE_VERSION >= 15 Then MsgBox 'Excel 2016 for the Mac, version: ' & _ Val(Application.Version) Exit Sub #End If #If Mac Then If Val(Application.Version) =15) to know if your code is runing in Excel 2016. But if you want to avoid compile errors with for example ribbon macro callbacks in Excel 2011(this not compile for example in 2011: control As IRibbonControl) or use VBA functions that are new in 2016 like AppleScriptTask and GrantAccessToMultipleFiles, you can add the ribbon macro callbacks or the new VBA functions in between the two code lines below in your code module. #If MAC_OFFICE_VERSION > Windows keyboard shortcuts for mac volumn. = 15 Then Put your macro callbacks or code here #End If Excel for Windows always give you a string with the whole number, this are the Windows Excel versions: Excel 97 = 8 Excel 2000 = 9 Excel 2002 = 10 Excel 2003 = 11 Excel 2007 = 12 Excel 2010 = 14 Excel 2013 = 15 Excel 2016 = 16 Note: Mac Excel will not give you a whole number: Mac Excel 2011 = 14.?

Mac Excel 2016 = 15.? (when I was released but now it is version 16 if you are up to date, see below) Mac Excel 2016 = 16.11.1 (24-March-2018) Note: You see that Excel 2016 can be version number 15.? Or 16.?, but if you update Excel you always have version 16.

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