Do I Need To Restart Mac For Java To Work

Do I Need To Restart Mac For Java To Work

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Hello William Ellwin, Thanks for asking the Apple Support Communities for help with Java on your Mac. I am happy to offer some assistance. First, I recommend ensuring you have the correct version of Java. This article recommends getting Java directly from Oracle, and has the link: Once there, click the link 'Do I have Java', and then 'Verify Java version'. It will test your version. Depending on your settings, you may get a button showing 'Click to use Java -->'.

Click that to test your Java version. You may have to give permission to run Java first, and then click to test it again, depending on your security settings. You will likely need to install a newer version since the alert you received started it is not currently supported. Once you finish the installation, quit Safari by clicking the Safari word up top on the left next to the Apple, and then click Quit, and reopen it. Alternatively, you can just restart your Mac. If you still have problems, please check this help article to ensure the website you are accessing is allowed to use it, and the settings are correct: Thanks and have a wonderful day.

The Tech Help link suggests that Community Specialist i_rina is wrong and Java applets are no longer allowed in Safari as of Version 12.0 released on 17 September 2018. The article has some workarounds using a version of Firefox that is no longer supported, but I haven't tried that. There may be opportunities to use Java programs if they are structured using Java Web Start, not applets. However, when I last looked into that, it required the developer to sign the code with both a Java certificate and an Apple certificate. The 'have a wonderful day' signoff by the Community Specialist seems off-tune with the reality.

How to make a theme in opera for mac. Themes you created, and installed from the Opera add-ons Catalog site will appear under ‘My themes’ in Theme Manager. Tip: You can even set the images you found on web as theme for Opera, for that, right click on an image in any web page, and select ‘use image as theme’. Give a name for the theme and also for the Author, once all done, click on “Try out your theme” to apply that theme to Opera. If I am not wrong, Chrome has an official extension from Google that allows to create custom themes, seems Chrome Theme Creator is much better as it allows to create your own theme from custom image in your Computer, where this Opera extension lacks this feature. Adding and changing themes in Opera is a breeze, and this tutorial will make you an expert in no time. First, open your Opera browser. Windows users: Click on the Opera menu button, located in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window. Hey guys int his video i will explain you,How you can ccreate your own themes for your opera.Watch learn,share. Don't forget to subscribe!!!!!!! Like US ON F.

I've tested Java Web Start. As on Windows, it works despite Java applets no longer being allowed in browsers, as long as the developer builds in Java Web Start support. The user needs to jump through a bunch of hoops to get this to work, but the result is a local JNLP file that launches the Java software without needing a browser. The user needs to go to a download link for the JNLP file, and save the JNLP file despite all the weird things that happen when you try to do this in various browsers in various Macintosh environments, such as having a Discard option but no Keep option.

Java may not work for a few reasons: Java is disabled, you are using an older version of Java, multiple versions of Java are installed, you have other restricted browser security settings. Depending on the browser you are using, you may need to make changes to your browser’s Security Tools, Preferences, or Settings menu to.

But once the JNLP file is rescued from Downloads, for the first launch you need to right-click on it and choose Open, and answer that you are sure you want to open it. Then you need to do the usual Java security choices (as on Windows the Java code needs to be signed with a Java certificate). Afterwards you can just launch the software from the JNLP file. Presumably if the developer double signs the Java code with both Apple and Java certificates the procedure is easier (on Windows you only need the Java certificate). So although it is much easier on Windows, it does work on Macintosh for users willing to jump through the byzantine double security procedures. William, I'm not an IT guy or proficient with the inner workings of a Mac, but this did work for me. Restart your computer and hold down the COMMAND and R on the keyboard.

Do I Need To Restart Mac For Java To Work

This will put your computer in recover mode. Re-install the OS from the command window. The OS will install Safari 11.1.2. You will be back up and running. The install will not delete any of your data, but a back-up would be a good idea before you do this. Not sure how long Apple will keep Safari 1.1.2 in it's iOS download. TURN OFF AUTO UPDATE!!!

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