Install Office For Mac 2008 Without Disc

Install Office For Mac 2008 Without Disc

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Optical media is a dying format, thanks largely in part to services such as iTunes and the App Store, so it's no surprise that Apple has been slowing phasing out a built-in drive from their Mac lineup, leaving just the entry-level 13' MacBook Pro unchanged. While OS X is compatible with a wide range of USB optical drives (including Apple's own ), it includes a built-in feature that allows it to share the optical drive of another Mac or PC on the same network, called Remote Disc. A History of Remote Disc When the original MacBook Air launched in 2008, it was the first Mac in over a decade designed without a built-in optical drive. Although the launch was only six years ago, neither the App Store or Mac App Store existed, and software was still most commonly distributed on CDs and DVDs. For MacBook Air owners wanting to still install software from CDs and DVDs, many of whom need a way of installing Microsoft Office, Apple introduced a Remote Disc, providing local network access to another Mac or PC's optical drive. Limitations Despite it's supposed versatility, Remote Disc is rather limited. It can only really be used with data CDs and DVDs, such as software installers.

The feature doesn't support audio CDs, video DVDs, OS installations and games that require constant disc access. Writing to CDs and DVDs is also not possible.

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Construction bidding software for mac. To avoid these limitations, a USB optical drive would be needed. Prerequisites Remote Disc hasn't really changed since it was introduced, requiring at least Mac OS X 10.4.11 or above on the host Mac that's equipped with an optical drive. Indeed, the Windows software that provides this functionality from a PC hasn't even been updated since it was released, still sitting at v1.0.

If your Mac lacks a built-in optical drive as standard, Remote Disc will be available for you to use. Setting Up Remote Disc Remote Disc is rather straightforward to set up and, once configured, can be left on for continued access. It's important to note that Remote Disc isn't secure, data is not encrypted when transmitted over the network and access control is done by requesting permission.

Host Mac To enable Remote Disc on your host Mac, open System Preferences and select Sharing. Provided your Mac has either a built-in optical drive or an external one attached, the option DVD or CD Sharing will be the first in the list of sharing services that OS X can provide. Enabling it will provide access to your Mac's optical drive over the local network. As you've probably noticed, the Mac I'm using as a host is a MacBook Air. This simply has a USB optical drive attached, allowing Remote Disc functionality. As far as controlling access to your Mac's optical drive, you have the choice of requiring a remote user to ask for permission before accessing the optical drive. If you have a number of drive-less Macs within the home and a SuperDrive-equipped iMac, it makes sense to not need permission.

For more public networks or work environments, requesting permission is advisable. For the purposes of this guide, enable the option so that our remote user needs to ask permission before using the optical drive. Host PC Nearly half of all Mac users are new to the platform, having switched to the Mac from a Windows PC. Providing the ability for new Mac users to be able to use their PC's optical drive is a smart way of ensuring that their transition is as seamless as possible. To enable Remote Disc within Windows XP SP2 or above, you'll need to install the.

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