Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook For Mac

Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook For Mac

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From this article you will learn why multiple copies of the same message may appear, and how to find & remove duplicate emails in Outlook quickly and safely, ensuring that all of your important messages remain intact. If you've been using Outlook for a while and have only a few dozen or even a few hundred messages in your inbox or archive folders, then you're most likely to have never faced the problem of duplicate emails and this will hardly happen to you in the near future. Lucky you are!: ) But to be honest, I've never met a person like that. It's estimated that an average Outlook user receives around 50 - 100 messages a day. So, usually we have thousands and thousands of emails stuck in various folders and you may not even have a vague idea of how many duplicated emails actually are in your Outlook. • • • • • The reasons why duplicate emails appear in Outlook There are plenty of causes why duplicate email messages may occur in Outlook.

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Many things can cause Outlook items to duplicate, but the most common reasons are discussed below: Outlook’s email related ‘Account Settings’ can cause emails to duplicate. If the ‘Leave Messages on the Server’ settings option activated it may result in multiple copies of messages being created. I have already looded at this link. It is very complicated and does not work. It does not delete the duplicate e-mails. Tech Support Specialist: Daniel, Certified Technician replied 6 years ago Create a new identity in Office for Mac 2011 and rebuild Outlook data base and verify the status.

For example, you can receive multiples copies of the same email from your friends or teammates who forward to your attention the same newsletter, press release or an exciting news item, which is often the case in. Other reasons are more technical and not so obvious.

An interrupted or incorrect synchronization with a laptop or mobile device is one of the most frequent causes, e.g. If you read some messages on the phone and others on your PC, and then place the read messages to a different folder on each device. Sometimes duplicate e-mails are produced by a hiccup of the mail server, especially if you activated the ' Leave Messages on the Server' settings option. Incorrectly configured Outlook rules when two or more ' move a copy to' rules apply to a certain incoming message also lead to email duplication. Merging several PST files into one may result in duplicated messages too. And even your antivirus software may create duplicate e-mails. Of course, it won't do this deliberately, it might be just an intermittent side-effect, especially if you click the ' Send/Receive' button all too often interfering in the scheduled send/receive/store process.

Whatever the reason is, multiple copies of the same message might cause great confusion and disorder in your Outlook, making your work more stressful and less productive. Problems created by duplicate email messages As you probably know, Outlook is one of the most complex and resource-hungry applications of the Microsoft Office suite. It requires quite a lot of resources for smooth performance, and the more email items you have, the more memory, disk space and CPU usage it consumes. Finally, it may reach the point when the existing resources do not suffice and your Outlook will start to slow down in performance. For example, you want to find a particular message using Outlook's Instant Search, but all that you see is ' Searching'. And you have to wait patiently while Outlook iterates through all email messages in a given folder including duplicated ones. On an average PC, Outlook starts to slow down when the mailbox reaches 2-3 GB, and if you don't reduce the size of your mailbox and Outlook data file (.pst), your.

How to delete duplicate emails in Outlook Unfortunately, even the latest version of Outlook 2013 does not provide any tool that would let us remove duplicate email messages in Outlook folders. Microsoft suggests a way, or rather a workaround, to. You can try it if you have time, and this may even work if you have a few dozen emails. This might be challenging if you have several hundred messages, and next to impossible if you have thousands and absolutely impossible if those thousands are stored in different folders. So, how can you eliminate all duplicated emails from Outlook? There exist a number of different tools to eliminate dupes. Some of them are quick, simple and free.

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