How To Uninstall And Reinstall Outlook For Mac

How To Uninstall And Reinstall Outlook For Mac

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So you've got to reinstall iTunes because you are either using a lower iTunes version, or iTunes keeps showing errors and it won't allow you to sync data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Or maybe you just want to lighten your Mac and want to completely get rid of the app on your machine. Anyhow, we're going to show you two quick ways to uninstall iTunes on Mac, after that you can choose to download the latest version and reinstall the app. You Can't Delete iTunes That Way! For most Mac applications, you can easily uninstall them by dragging the apps to Trash and empty Trash, or delete them in Launchpad while the icons jiggle. We've introduced that basic method in this article —.

But, this won't work with iTunes! Because the app is made by Apple. Without iTunes, you can't transfer data between an iDevice and a Mac.

If you try to drag the iTunes app to Trash or use similar methods to get rid of it, you'll see a warning window like this. Step 2: Type cd /Applications/ and hit Enter. This will bring you to the Applications directory. Step 3: Now type sudo rm -rf and hit Enter again. This line helps delete the iTunes app. Best virus removal tool for mac. Step 4: Next, it will prompt you to input admin password.

Once you enter the right password, it will confirm and remove iTunes. Step 5: Done. If you want, check back on Launchpad or the Applications folder, iTunes icon should be gone.

Maybe you waned to have Mac instead of Windws, at least this can make you have very beautiful Mac peace and functionality on your Windows. Windows 10 for mac.

CleanMyMac Uninstaller (best for Mac beginners) is an incredibly useful tool that helps clean up your Mac's hard drive in a number of ways. It also includes a utility called Uninstaller that allows you to completely remove programs (and their associated files) in one go, including iTunes. Here's a step by step guide to follow: • and install app on your Mac. • Launch the program, click 'Uninstaller' (located on the left of main panel). • It'll show you all the applications you've installed on your Mac.

Apr 24, 2015 - I am using the 15.9 version on my iMac, but due to some issues whereby it refuses to create a new mail with a PDF attached when prompted to.

• Click to highlight iTunes, and hit the 'Uninstall' button. Quick note: since macOS 10.13, CleanMyMac 3 cannot uninstall iTunes due to the system restrictions in High Sierra. CleanMyMac can still uninstall iTunes in earlier macOS versions e.g. Sierra, El Capitan etc., however, starting from macOS High Sierra, the only solution would be to reset your Mac to default settings.

Here's How to Reinstall iTunes Back to Your Mac Again Okay, now that you've successfully removed iTunes from your Mac. If you need to reinstall it, follow the two steps below: • Go to and hit the Download Now button. Another way is to visit Mac App Store, under Updates tab, check for new updates and click the Update button to continue. • Follow the instructions to install iTunes to your Mac again. The process should be quite easy. Conclusion iTunes is an essential software in Apple's ecosystem.


You need to rely on it to sync iDevice data with your Mac. Due to security concerns, Apple always urges us to use the latest version of iTunes. Chances are that there is a newer iTunes available and you haven't yet updated your Mac, therefore it won't let you sync data.

Instead, it warns you to reinstall iTunes. While we have to admit that this can be a pain, and Apple should stop this kind of force update. Anyway, we don't mean to blame Apple, but we are always more problem-solving oriented. Hope you enjoy this Mac tip.

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