Blinking Light On My Passport For Mac

Blinking Light On My Passport For Mac

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Original title: WD My Passport EHD issues Specifications: Western Digital My Passport Hard Disk (500GB) Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Lenovo G470 laptop (USB 2.0 ports) (No infections from Malwares etc.) (All drvers updated) Hello, i have a WD EHD and when i backup my files, i experience some problems. The copying files dialog doesn't move (the transfer rate and files transferrerd), I'm copying.avi,.mp4 movies into the EHD's root.

Sometimes the file transfer goes smoothly (even to large files like 10GB-up) but sometimes the transfer just freezes and the blinking light signal of the WD EHD just stops blinking. My EHD also has a descending transfer rate (starts from around 50Kbps and higher then degrades overtime into 5Kbps and lower). Though it manages somehow to complete some file transfers (.mp3,.jpg and other small files). Note that files with executables and other malware prone files like (game installers, application installers are compressed in.7z format) I tried some solutions: 1.) Formatting the EHD 2.) Deleting the partition in Disk Management and making it a partition again 3.) Uninstall, reinstall the driver in Device Manager 4.) Tried on other PCs and USB ports -- I do not have a shorter cable to test if that's the problem and i do not hear crackling sounds nor have the EHD fall or pressed down (No physical damage). The first time i have that problem was when a friend of mine got my EHD infected and i have to format it. Since then the problem just occured though i've formatted the EHD countless times, and cleaned it well. Thanks in advance for your help:).

For Macintosh, the WD Button Manager program can be installed by accessing the WD My Book external hard drive and the clicking on the Mac folder, select the language of your choice, then double-click on the WD Button Manager Software disk image that contains the installer. Designed for Mac My Passport for Mac portable storage works straight out of the box with Mac devices which makes it easy to get going quickly - drag and drop files to and from, or setup a backup routine with Apple's Time Machine software to help protect your photos, videos, music and documents. Free software for mac computers. Word


​The WD Elements and the WD My Passport external hard drives are targeted at the portable drive, on the go market place. The WD Elements is positioned as their entry-level drive for the portable consumer and Western Digital is quite open in saying it is a basic drive. The WD My Passport drive is aimed at the market above the Elements drive and classed as the start of their premium external hard drive range. ​And the WD My Passport comes in a 'for Mac' guise, but more on that later. Then the questions you may have in mind are; If there isn't a special offer on at the moment is it worth paying the extra to move up to the My Passport drive? And when there is a price premium. Is the My Passport drive worth it?

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