Archive Emails On Outlook For Mac

Archive Emails On Outlook For Mac

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Instructions for creating and archiving your email account in Outlook 2011 for the Mac. You will first need to make sure you can see the On My Computer folder in Outlook 2011. In Outlook 2011, click on the Outlook menu at the top of your screen, choose Preferences, then General.

Hi Diane, First, you're awesome and thank you! Have been following your instructions on OfficeforMacHelp to move my Exchange messages to my Outlook for Mac 2011, after upgrading to El Capitan. Took 3 days of rebuild attempts and finally settled on the export using OLM using your instructions.

Relatively smooth though I lost a chunk of data from my gmail which was ok because I didn't delete them from the server so I could re-download. I have also followed your advise to clean up all the junk on my Gmail server and now ready to re-download my much reduced email to my new identity. I have two accts: one Gmail and the other exchange (work).

Size of my fresh identity size is around 8GB which is pretty big and I note your warning that my identity could get corrupted again. I'm not worried about Gmail because I can get them from the server again -- but my archived work emails are already removed from the server so i need them to be secure. They are all divided into subfolders by time period. Is dragging each folder out as.mbox (as you suggested) the best way of storing them?

They should be less than 2GB per folder or I'll make them so. After I create the.mbox by dragging each folder to desktop, can I then reorganise them into a folder and store away in an external back drive? And when I need them, I just import them back to Outlook for mac, right? Correct, both the.olm and.mbox files have to be imported to view messages. You can import the.mbox files back into Outlook 2011 but not Outlook 2016. You could use Apple Mail to view the.mbox files if you have moved on to the Outlook 2016.

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Mail will import all.mbox files with one process where Outlook 2011 makes you import each.mbox one at a time. Only Outlook can import the.olm file. I personally don't like the.olm file because of this. Even Microsoft does not support their own formats for long periods of time. In Entourage we had the.rge file (same as.olm).

While Outlook 2011 can import.rge, Outlook 2016 cannot. Note: if you get a log file with.olm export, be sure to check the log. This only happens if you can't export everything. A couple of items is acceptable, but not a long list.usually attachments. You mentioned you had Gmail and Exchange. I would not import any folders from these accounts. They will be local and why bother, they will download from the server.

It's only the local 'On My Computer' folders you need. While the export as.olm doesn't allow you to exclude these, you can use Emailchemy to export as.mbox file. This shows you exactly which folders are under 'On My Computer'. Afterwards you can select to convert the local.mbox files to.rge for import into Outlook 2011.

BTW, I recently discovered, that I'm able to drag out messages to.mbox larger than the 2Gb. Still testing to see what limits there might be. Not sure when this change occurred.

Emailchemy uses the larger.mbox file sizes. I've exported data from Outlook that was over 10GB for a single folder using Emailchemy. Emailchemy $29.95.

Thanks, Diane! G suite migration for microsoft outlook for mac. 'You mentioned you had Gmail and Exchange. I would not import any folders from these accounts. They will be local and why bother, they will download from the server.' This is true fro my personal Gmail account.

Unfortunately, our company email server (the Exchange account) has size limits and will delete anything in excess so I have to download to local folders if I want to keep my mails. Emailchemy, I will note but my requirement at this point doesn't justify the price. Besides, this is something I do once in a few years:-) Thanks for the additional tips too on the limitations of.olm &.mbox.

Once again thanks for the clear, detailed and patient instructions.

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