Can't Sign In Through Go Pro Quick App For Mac

Can't Sign In Through Go Pro Quick App For Mac

Can't Sign In Through Go Pro Quick App For Mac Rating: 9,2/10 4972 reviews

Hi everyone, We are continuing to investigate and trying to determine why this Authenticating issue is occurring in this small number of cases. Most users can log in without a problem but I understand this has been quite a hang up for some of you so far. First things first, make sure to have the most recent version of the Quik App downloaded. We just released a new version the other day. Beyond that, we've already discussed that internet connectivity issues can lead to these issues.

Make sure to double-check your Wi-Fi connection to see that it has a solid link to the internet. As some have noted, sometimes just closing the App, turning Wi-Fi off and on again, and relaunching the App does the trip. Additionally, it sounds like most people running into this problem haven't been able to log in at all before. Please try going to and logging in there to see if it works.

How to open the terminal window on a Mac. When installing programs in Mac OS X, sometimes you are required to open a new terminal session and enter commands. For our RC hobbyists, we use GoPro studio a lot for our GoPro camera footage. There are great features such as “ Flux “. But for those who has the Mobius Camera, or other non-GoPro camera, you can also use GoPro Studio for editing. Best dwg viewer for mac.

This could also happen if your account hasn't been verified, so if you see a link below the log in area saying to verify your account, click to have the email sent to you and then verify your account through your email. Please let me know how that goes! Well, this sucks. My GoPro has been lost in a closet for several months. Finally found it, went to update stuff, and now I'm stuck at 'Authenticating.' Like everyone else.

Obviously I have a working internet connection and can sign in to my account on the web site, because here I am posting. Can also sign in on the 'Capture' app on my phone, so account is seemingly fine. It's just this Quik Desktop application. I have un/reinstall Quik (and Studio). Have rebooted in between and after. I have a Mid-2014 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM.

It's still on Yosemite (10.10.5), but that is supposedly supported. And since others on Sierra are having problems, I'm not upgrading just for this. Watching for more suggestions. Hi, I have the same issue as others. I just downloaded Quick today and am unable to log in with the app. I am running a Mac with El Capitan OS X 10.11.6 I have verified my account in a web browser, verified I have a stable internet connection, restarted the app numerous times, etc.

Every time I try to open the app and log in, I get the error 'Login Failed. Email or password are invalid.' I know this isn't the case since I have logged in numerous times with the same PW and email. What can I do? Happy to screenshare/call.

Mac • Restart your computer. • Create a new admin account and verify if the other account is able to open Quik for desktop.

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