Apple Mac Theme For Windows 8 64 Bit Free Download

Apple Mac Theme For Windows 8 64 Bit Free Download

Apple Mac Theme For Windows 8 64 Bit Free Download Rating: 8,1/10 7316 reviews

Mac style theme for windows 8 free download Hello Vicc here, and i present to you my mac theme that ive finished and used for 3 months till now If you want to use it just follow my steps: Patch your system with what program you want, I use. Note: Anti Virus apps cannot correctly distinguish between apps that modify Windows system files with the user's consent and apps that maliciously modify the files, so disable your antivirus or windows defender temporarily when you want to download and install skinpack.

Turn boring removing duplicates in entertainment!Running applications over promptly, so that the results did not take long to wait. 2.4.2

Because mac idea, under my opinion[that means i do not answer for the thought of other peoplethat make osx styles], all the organised base of color schemes, pane [parts of the window], have an attractive logic, elegant and useful construction, your refer is about code + system so I agree that anyone wants a mac Os then buy a mac,what I construct is according the mac os x influence, giving a version under my view for my pc. As you see some elements like Traffic lights and Navigation buttons are complete new and not exist to os x world, if Imade a theme for mac os I would made theme also such. As why i do not let them modify my images or code, i spent too much effort for writting new code so the windows to behave such as on os x style, having stripes, separate mouse over image for the folder and other image for the text, preview pane at top right, and details pane to left etc etc If someone wants to do the same is free to do this, if he can, I do not copy Apple, but inspire from, I write my code and design my images, so anyone wants to make his theme he has to write his code and to design his images and make his theme. This is not look like Apple's osx because this is NOT a copy of os X, that's why, colors, images and code are different, if you don't like it do not use it, as for the icons I have report many times sent to Apple that I use and be ready to delete if they demand so. By the way the icons does not include to this theme, as you see to my deviant art text, package and instructions.

As for all of you want mac os then buy a mac and get the original stuff, I have many times repeat this, my work is my view for osx, and if i made a theme for osX i would made it same as this. This is for people like this, the rest get your mac. This work of mine started from 2006 with vista themes and code, and continued up to today.

So what you see is not a work of a day, a month, or an year, this is many years work and research of windows code, with no code reference, ihad to explore everything from zero and make and add new thousands of parameters. Windows system is a huge mess, where everything strech and affect to other parts. Bringing symmetry is very very difficult, infact i spent 2 years for setting the symmetry to the window on windows 7 and then pass the code to windows 8 and 8.1, and other 6 months to windows 8.1 for bringing this symmetry not just to the Normal 100% but also to the Medium 125% settings at Control Panel All Control Panel Items Display needed having to all cases a fontsize of 9. Alt + P open the preview pane to top right containg also the folderband at top of it.

From FOLDERBAND Organise we can also open/close Details pane that exists to the right part of the window. This work is unique and original. Hello.please i tried to download the theme from the URL given below the pictures but it direct me to the same page.please how do i download this theme? The link i give is the right one, and it is now if this does not work to you, and still redirect to this page, do this, copy to your notepad the web address: and now paste it to the top of your web browser, at the Address bar section, and press enter (or 'paste and go' command if so) The current theme is for windows 8.1.

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