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It’s been a slow couple of months for Mac games, but luckily we’ve been blessed with quality in the absence of quantity. At last, for instance, the incredible Total War: Warhammer 2 made it to the Mac, along with the punishing platformer Cuphead. Editing photo for background. But these last two months haven’t just been about year-old ports.

We also got to experience some fantastic games at the same time as our PC cousins, such as the collectible card game Artifact, the management sim RimWorld, or the haunting mystery The Return of the Obra Dinn. If you’re looking for some gifts to stuff under your digital Christmas tree, any of the following games will make a fine choice. If you think surveillance is bad now, you should have been an insurance adjuster for the East India Company in 1807. Back then they could board abandoned ships that washed ashore, glance at the scattered skeletons of the crew, and piece together what horrors occurred by clicking a stopwatch that showed what was happening when each person died. Try getting some cash with a bogus insurance claim when you’re up against that. As you may have guessed, the world of is a little different from ours.

While the options for playing games on a Mac are limited compared to Windows PCs, the Mac gaming library has come a long way. Recently, more A-list games have become available for play via Mac. The Mac MMORPG market is pretty strong right now. With a good variety of genres and pricing models, going from extremely generous free-to-play games to premium experiences with monthly subscriptions, there’s something on this list for everyone.

But it’s a masterpiece of deductive reasoning from the same mind that gave us the memorable Papers, Please, and it doesn’t hurt that’s it’s presented in a style that’s reminiscent of early Macintosh systems. It’s one of the top games of the year. There's a big purple tornado swirling at the navel of the world, and some elves and anthropomorphic rats and lizards are squabbling over who gets to control it. That's basically the gist of, minus the normal strategy business of levying taxes and training troops for battle. Grammarly addin for mac word free. It's also one of the best strategy games in recent years, as it serves up bigger portions of the fantasy fun we got in the previous Total War: Warhammer, complete with new races, four continents, and many gameplay improvements. I initially worried the relative absence of Warhammer’s iconic races would prove disappointing, but those worries vanished once I saw legions of lizards riding other lizards into battle.

Ah, Warhammer—never change. Space travel is all fun and games until you crash on a backwards planet and have to fix your spaceship before you can leave. You might get stuck there for years.

Worse, you could spend years building a colony in the meantime, only to watch an errant lightning strike or a raider assault wipe it from existence. That's the idea behind, a masterful construction and management sim that emphasizes working around the quirks of individual people as much as scrounging for randomly generated resources. Remarkably, it always stays fun—even with the loss, even with that one punk who refuses to work because he grew up among the landed gentry.

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