Word For Mac 2011 Track Changes Color By Author Not Working

Word For Mac 2011 Track Changes Color By Author Not Working

Word For Mac 2011 Track Changes Color By Author Not Working Rating: 7,1/10 8363 reviews

I would like to ***** the microsoft team who built this sh*t!!! It’s sooo annoying, sometimes word user info changes automatically. Without knowing! So if you have a stupid login name, all your clients see that when you send them an e-mail with outlook 2011 for mac!!! Jun 6, 2018 - Microsoft Word has a very useful feature called “Track Changes” that keeps. I do not then have to go through their resume word by word to see what. Or reject changes, without having to change individual fonts or colors. Go to the “Review” tab and click on the window that says “Final Showing Markup.

I was asked by one of my users “How do I print from Word 2011 and see the markups from Track Changes?” I had no idea, so I had to do some poking around until I found the right options. Here’s how it works for anyone else who needs it. In Word 2011, go to File: Print.

In the Print window, click on the Copies & Pages drop-down menu. Select Microsoft Word from the Copies & Pages drop-down menu. Click on the Print What: menu and select Document showing markup. Click the Print button Your Word document should print and show all current edits made to the document with Track Changes. I’ve figured out how to print and show my tracked changes and comments.

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Another issue I’ve come across is the resizing of the document. When I go to print to document, it automatically resizes in Print Preview because of the comment ballons. I need those to show, and I don’t want it to automatically resize. Really, I’m trying to save my document as a PDF so I can send the document to a reviewer with comments made (and I need it to be PDF because that’s a more universal format and I don’t want any format changes).

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