Why No Quickbooks For Mac

Why No Quickbooks For Mac

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QuickBooks 2019 Has Arrived Intuit has just released QuickBooks 2019 Desktop, and over the next few days and weeks, QuickBooks ProAdvisors (for Desktop), Enterprise Users, and QuickBooks Pro/Premier 'Plus' subscribers will begin being notified about the availability of the initial release of this software. Soon thereafter, QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Mac versions will start appearing on retailers' shelves. Insightful Accountant has been working with various pre-release versions of these products for months, and has had multiple communications with Intuit personnel, including product managers and developers, so we can help you learn as much as you can about the new products.

This article is intended to provide a brief synopsis of the fifteen (15) new, changed, improved, expanded and enhanced features to be found in the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 product line-up. We will also be providing a series of ‘feature minute’ articles in addition to our annual article, ‘My Favorite Newbies’ in which I tell you more about the specific product changes I like best. And look for a special edition of our QB Talks webinar to give you an in-depth look at these new products (more information about the scheduled date and time of that webinar will be outlined in a future article.) So, for all of you who have been waiting for today's product release here's what's new. For All 2019 QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise (v19) Users (1) 'New' Customer Invoice History Tracker – a ‘new feature’ providing improved status tracking and information about your Invoices.

Verified in-depth QuickBooks for Mac reviews and ratings of pros/cons, pricing, features and more. Compare QuickBooks for Mac to alternative Accounting QuickBooks for Mac has grown up and is no longer considered the orphan cousin of its PC cousin. QuickBooks for Mac now offers most of the.

You get real-time visibility of invoice statuses at-a-glance for historical or collection purposes. QB2019-Invoice_History_Tracker Note: Invoices must be emailed within QuickBooks for full functionality to apply, you must have an active Internet connection for some information to be displayed, not all capabilities are supported under Microsoft Outlook 2010. (2) 'New' Transfer Credits Between Customer: Jobs – a ‘new’ feature providing a simpler workflow to allow you to transfer credits between different jobs for the same customer. Credits displayed within customer transactions reflect unused credits across all jobs allowing easy transfer of credits between jobs. QB2019_Confirm_job-credits_transfer While this feature streamlines and automates the same type of manual workflow taught to QuickBooks users traditionally, just be advised that there is no ‘undo’ option for this feature. As the warning shown above advises, you can only undo this transfer by manually making additional journal entries. This feature also does not work when using an ‘Accountant’s Copy’ of a client’s data.

(3) 'Revised & Enhanced' Prompt to Create Bill Payment In-lieu-of Write Check – This really is just a change to an advisory message that already existed.  Remove fonts from microsoft word for mac 2011. But the highlighted option in that message was the Continue Writing Check (blue) button which resulted in many users continuing inappropriately. QB2019-Create_bill_pay_18V19 QuickBooks 2019 helps to insure the proper workflow is followed by highlighting the proper ‘ Go to Pay Bills’ option (blue button) in the new Check for Bills pop-up. When you select this option, QuickBooks not only takes you to the Pay Bills window, but also automatically filters the window for the specific Vendor you initially attempted to write a check for. This streamlines the workflow making it easier than ever to follow the proper procedure. (4) 'Revised & Enhanced' Inactive Inventory Items in Inventory Valuations – Previously, Inventory Reports providing valuations of your stock excluded any item(s) that had been made ‘inactive’ even if those items had quantities on hand. This meant there would be a difference in the amount inventory value on those reports when contrasted with the amount reported as the Inventory Asset account total. QB2019-Inactive_Inventory_Report_Option For 2019, QuickBooks Desktop Inventory Valuation reports can include inactive item quantities and values so that you can balance your inventory reports against the inventory assets on your Balance Sheet and General Ledger. Educational games for kids ages 3-6 for mac download. A checkbox for ‘ Show Inactive Inventory Items ’ is located on the report header to the right of the Dates and ‘Hide zero QOH’ options, as highlighted above in the Inventory Valuation Summary.

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