Why Does Apple Give Away Osx For Free

Why Does Apple Give Away Osx For Free

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OS X Lion 10.7.5 is the latest update and is recommended for all users. On your Mac What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your Mac View topics,. Best slideshow apps for mac.

Can you boot into OS 9 and delete some things? OS X does some odd things when you start getting low on disk space--like trashing preferences or keychains. I did it once on my iBook and that account never worked right again. I figure this has something to do with the page file--to create that it needs a lot of disk space. If you can't boot into 9, then you might be looking at single user and some fun with the command line. I'm really just taking guesses though.

Maybe somebody who has been through this knows an easy way. You're not going to fill your drive again, right? Keep about 10% free at minimum. Click to expand.It does.

It also alarms you once it has reached exceptional low disk space, because running apps are no longer able to use more virtual memory, and a 'force-quit' window will appear asking (no. Begging) you to force-quit one of your running apps. And, ofcourse, the Mac will respond very, very slowly. IMHO, leaving 4 GB of free disk space should always keep you out of trouble. Once it gets below 1 GB, you gotta do something about it. Besides, once your disk is full, it will probably be fragmented too. Inset emojis on outlook for mac

Try to get a tool like Diskwarrior to defrag afterwards. Second HD Yeah you could mess around with command line stuff, but is any of your data backed up? If not I would say get a second HD, can be anything really enough to install the OS, but I would recommend using it as a storage drive later on. Anyway boot up the machine from the new drive and then figure out how you want to organize your files from there.

I have a 60gb HD for my OS and apps a bit overkill but it was the stock drive then I have a 80gb & 120gb for storage, set to backup, then archive to DVD's -j. Click to expand.I was a little uncertain at first, but now it sounds like there are far stranger things going on than just a full disk. Try resetting your PRAM and firmware and see if that gets you anywhere. Hold command option P R when booting.

Hold it until you hear the startup chime 4 times. Then hold command option O F until you get a white screen with text telling you to let go.

Type reset-nvram and hit enter. Then type reset-all and hit enter. The computer will reboot and hopefully will behave. Another possibility. Try booting in 'Single User Mode', that is boot with and held down.

You'll get the CLI mode. When it's done (pretty fast), type: fsck -y It will try to check and repair the HFS+ volume. If it won't because it is Journaled, type: fsck -fy Same check, but forced.

If it says 'cannot find command' orso, the type: /sbin/fsck -y When done, and if repaired, type reboot CONTINUE TO REPEAT THE 'fsck -y' STEPS FOLLWED BY 'reboot' UNTIL MESSAGE IS 'The volume appears to be O.K.' Hopefully this will 'fix' the HD Good luck again. Cool, have just read the suggestions so will give these a go, will let you know im hoping one the mentioned ideas work.i got a data recovery quote today for between £695 and £995.!!! **EEEK** PS-IS there any way i can tell if my hard-drive has completly failed?? Any tell-tale signs, and also why HD's fail PPS - ah yes, i dont know if this makes any difference, but the last time i switched off my (working) computer, was in OS9? Willlthis make any difference to the start-up 'hot keys' etc> Thanks.

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