Upgrade Silverlight For Mac

Upgrade Silverlight For Mac

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Hi, I want to install Silverlight 4 instead of Silverlight 5 on Mac's. That's because of a software issue with the backspace/boxes. (Already reported as a bug but not solved already). My customers can't use the application right now on a Mac.

And that's, off course, a problem. When I de-install Silverlight 5 on this way, written by Microsoft on this page, there are still some files somewere on the Mac. The Silverlight application looks like deleted but when I ran the installation from Silverlight 4 the installation program gives this error shown in the image below. (it's say it has already a newer version Silverlight on the system) But I deinstalled everything on the way Microsoft has written.

(I even tried Appzapper but that programm doesn't show that Silverlight is a 'real' application) How Can I completely remove Silverlight 5 and Install Silverlight 4 to make my customers use the software the love till we have a good solution. This problem is only on a mac. Thanks in advance.

I can't download silverlight on my MAC. Every time I go to download it from the microsoft website, it just tells me 'error, can't access page etc.' My MAC is version 10.11.15, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5, memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

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