Subscript In Excel For Mac

Subscript In Excel For Mac

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Word for Office 365 for Mac Word 2019 for Mac Word 2016 for Mac OneNote 2016 for Mac A superscript or subscript is a number, figure, symbol, or indicator that is smaller than the normal line of type and is set slightly above it (superscript) or below it (subscript). When writing a trademark, copyright, a unit of measurement, footnote, or even the chemical formula of water, you may need subscript or superscript formatting to make it look right. Andorid emulator mac. For example, when you want to type H20 or X4+Y3, you’ll need subscript and superscript formatting to make the 2, 4, and 3 look correct. • Select the text that you want to format as superscript or subscript. • Do one of the following: • On the Home tab, click Superscript.

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To create documentation, product information sheets and correspondence with subscripts, you can use software that's provided with the Mac OS, purchased for office use or downloaded free of charge. In Microsoft Word 2011, you type [Command]+[Shift]+[=] to generate a superscript and [Command]+[=] to generate a subscript of selected text. In Powerpoint 2011, you type [Command]+[Shift]+[=] to generate a superscript and [Command]+[Shift]+[-] to generat a subscript of selected text.

Or, press + SHIFT + PLUS SIGN. • On the Home tab, click Subscript. Or, press + EQUAL SIGN. In Word 2016 for Mac, you will see: In OneNote 2016 for Mac, you will see: • To undo the formatting, click the button again, or repeat the keyboard shortcut.

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