Silverlight For Amazon On Mac

Silverlight For Amazon On Mac

Silverlight For Amazon On Mac Rating: 8,9/10 7619 reviews

Sep 8, 2016 - The accurate answer to HDCP and externally connected Mac. With Amazon has detailed instructions under Resolve Silverlight Issues heading.

Amazon Prime Video's HTML5 video player, as spotted by Reddit user netmute over the weekend. Amazon Prime Video previously required downloading the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for playback in Safari, or switching to an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox, which already supported the HTML5 video player.

Some users on Reddit reported that, while HTML5 is now supported, AirPlay Mirroring and Picture in Picture functionality is lacking. Additionally, it appears video playback is limited to 720p rather than full HD resolution. How about some Apple TV support, Amazon? Apple TV support = I immediately subscribe to Prime. If you don't support me, why should I support you?


I'm 99% sure Apple TV support is lacking because Amazon video is MPEG-DASH only. There's no way to play DASH content on tvOS. The APIs are simply not there. I believe that's also the reason it took them so long to go plugin-less on Safari--you can't simply use DASH+FairPlay on Safari. Netflix has been doing it for some time but I think they've had special privilege from Apple.

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