Set Up Mac High Sierra For Speed

Set Up Mac High Sierra For Speed

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.Mac Disk, speed up and improve the Mac computer performance on macOS Sierra/High Sierra or that my Mac computer becomes extremely slow after installing the macOS High Sierra on the 2. Set the backup destination - external hard drive to store essential but not frequently used Mac files. Office word for mac csulb

MacOS, the operating system previously known as Mac OS X, is beautiful, stable, and typically attached to a $1000+ MacBook / iMac. Canon lbp6000 installer If we want to run macOS on a Windows PC, without the very particular hardware required for Hackintosh, a Mac OS X virtual machine is the next best thing. And, best of all, it won't cost a dime.

Here's how to install the latest macOS High Sierra on a VMware or Virtualbox virtual machine. Unblock any international website, browse anonymously, and download movies and Mp3 with complete safety with CyberGhost,. Then again, we might just be curious about Apple's operating system and want to see what the fuss is all about. Whatever the reason, a Mac OS X virtual machine is the cheapest way to try out the latest OS from Cupertino. Cheapest as in 'free.' Sure beats buying a four-figure MacBook Pro.

In case you are not familiar with virtual machines, it's a way to emulate an entirely different computer system within our PC. For more information, you can check out our guide: We have also covered how to create a Windows Virtual Machine, both in Windows and Linux operating systems. Creating a Windows virtual machine is exceedingly simple. It is arguably easier than installing Windows on our PC. VBoxManage setextradata 'macOS' 'VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC' 1 After we have successfully entered all the commands, without any errors, we can close the command line, open VirtualBox and start the Mac OS X virtual machine. At first, it will show some code.then a gray screen for a few seconds, and finally the macOS High Sierra installation. Later on the guide, we will see the full procedure on our Mac OS X virtual machine.

AMD CPUs As we mentioned, the fact that Apple computers exclusively use Intel CPUs makes it harder to run a Mac OS X virtual machine on an AMD CPU. Harder, but not impossible.

Although there is no High Sierra version yet, we managed to find a macOS Sierra machine on that will work on AMD and tried it with an FX 6300 CPU. The same method is supposed to work on the latest Ryzen CPUs, but we didn't have a sample machine to try it. As for older processors, it will only work on AMD CPUs that support SSE 4.1 or SSE 4.2 instructions. We can check this on, by inputting our CPU model in the search box. On the results, we just need to check the Features. If we find SSE 4.1 or SSE 4.2, we 're golden. To download the Sierra machine, visit.

At the bottom of the first message, you will find a zip file and a Dropbox link. The compressed file contains a torrent, to download the machine. Since the file is quite large (almost 7GB), we chose the torrent method, but you can pick whichever fits you best.

Once we download it, we have to decompress it in our desired location and move onto the next step. VMware Workstation Player This time we won't need to apply any patches to VMware Workstation Player, opposed to Intel's method we described above. Thus, we can use VMware version 14, which is the latest. We can find it. If you already have version 12, you can still follow the steps below; there is no need to upgrade VMware.

Create a new virtual machine We will start by creating a new virtual machine. Choose 'I will install the operating system later' and press Next. On the next screen, tick 'Other' and pick 'Other 64-bit' respectively.

Here, we can give our machine the desired name and choose a location. Hit Next once again. Store virtual disk as a single file.and click on 'Customize Hardware.' We advise you to use at least 50-65% of your available RAM and two CPU cores.

For example, if you have 8GB RAM as we do, go for 4GB on the virtual machine. In the end, we press Finish.

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