Samsung Smart View 2.0 For Mac

Samsung Smart View 2.0 For Mac

Samsung Smart View 2.0 For Mac Rating: 6,4/10 5171 reviews

Control z for mac pc. Mirror for Samsung TV is a new app from AirBeamTV that lets you wirelessly mirror the screen of your Mac to a Samsung Smart TV. Apple mac os 10.8 download. Previously, this functionality was only available to Mac users after they bought an AppleTV with AirPlay technology and connected it to their TV.

Or, alternatively, used an HDMI cable to connect their Mac to the TV. Now, with the introduction of Mirror for Samsung TV by AirBeamTV, it is available to all Mac users, without the need to use cables or boxes. 'After launching the application on the Mac, the app will scan your local network for a Samsung Smart TV', explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Technology.

'When your TV is found, with a click of a button, the screen of your Mac is mirrored on TV. You can even choose whether you would like the audio of your Mac to be transferred to your TV as well.' 'This is ideal for watching movies on a big TV screen instead of on your laptop', claims Jan van Ottele, co-founder and Managing Director. 'Also, during our limited user trials, we had a substantial number of business users who used the app in meetings to share a presentation or spreadsheet with colleagues.' The company is currently working on support for additional TV brands, however launches dates for Sony, Philips, Panasonic and LG Smart TVs cannot be confirmed yet. You can purchase Mirror for Samsung TV from the App Store for $9.99.

Samsung SmartView 2.0 for iPhone, free and safe download. Samsung SmartView 2.0 latest version: A Free app for iPhone. Samsung SmartView 2.0 is an amazing, free app only available for iPhone and has been created by S. Jun 24, 2014 - I have a Samsung TV that offers smart view app for Windows 8.1 (not Mac). The app lets you watch whatever is playing on the Tv on your.

There's also a two minute trial version which can be.

I have a Samsung TV that offers smart view app for Windows 8.1 (not Mac). The app lets you watch whatever is playing on the Tv on your computer or smart device, it supports pretty much everything but Mac. So I thought I could use Windows 8.1 and download the app and watch it in my virtual machine windows 8.1. Unfortunately I have not had success. And I have a feeling it has something to do with parallels. The app see's the TV and when I click on it to connect to the TV it just comes up network error. If anyone has an answer that could help I would sure appreciate it.

I have googled the problem, but I think the app is so new and the case of using it in Parallels is probably even smaller audience. Thanks for any help. Click to expand.Yes both of them are on the same network, it works when using my Samsung Android devices, Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet. Also works on other devices in the house by other family. Just would be nice to get it to work on my computer being I have no TV outlet there. They do not use Bluetooth, it is a wifi connection.

The Samsung TV has a wired connection to the router and the computer accessing has a wifi connection to the same router. I wasn't sure if the Type of wifi I'm using in parallels my be the problem, although it works fine otherwise. On the configuration I using WiFI (bridged).

The software Smartview from Samsung does see the Tv in it's connection list, but when I click on it to connect a window pops up saying 'Network Connection Failed'.

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