Outlook For Mac Profile Folder Cannot Send Attachments

Outlook For Mac Profile Folder Cannot Send Attachments

Outlook For Mac Profile Folder Cannot Send Attachments Rating: 9,1/10 5450 reviews

For some reason I can't send attachments using my Exchange account on my iPhone. Pictures, Word docs, Excel Docs, doesn't matter.

They just get stuck in my out box and I get the following message, 'Cannot Send Mail - An error occurred while delivering this message.' I can receive attachments just fine, but cannot send or forward them. If I use any of the other email accounts on my phone, it works fine. The Exchange account is the only issue. Is this some limitation with Exchange on an iPhone or something? Anyone ever have the same problem as was able to fix it?

Unable to send large attachments using EWS client. Content provided by Microsoft. In this scenario, the user is unable to send an email with large attachments. When using the Outlook for Mac client, it moves the message into the drafts folder and returns the following error. Outlook cannot send the message, because the message size. Running Outlook 2011 on OSX mavericks with Exchange mail account. I can not send file attachments larger then about 10MB, while I can receive them and I can send large files from Outlook 2010 on Windows7, on the same exchange account.

I've got 38 iPhones deployed running the 3.1.2 OS against an Exchange 2007 server. Several of my users complain about the same issue, and I've seen it myself. I have found a workaround of sorts - I've found that if I've sent a message with an attachment and I get a failure to send, if I manually browse down to the Sent Items folder, that forces a replication of the Sent Items. The next time I do a manual sync, the e-mail with the attachment will go. Where are excel for mac 2016 stock templates. I presume this has something to do with Exchange trying to put a copy of the e-mail in to your Sent Items at the same time the iPhone is trying to send the message. Potentially, this might be solved by turning off the option to always store your sent e-mails in the Sent Items.

I have not yet tested that as a workaround as from a corporate standpoint and an ease-of-use standpoint, we want that e-mail in the Sent Items for reference. If anyone has any success with this fix, please let me know. I am having the same problem. Take a picture and cant sent it. Works fine on my network with wifi, so it must be AT&T's network or a port or something in our firewall.

The thing is it worked great 2 weeks ago. And also kills the battery in 3 hours as it continually tries to send that picture. 3.1.3 didn't fix it. I have been trying to fix this for 8 days now. My wife is going to have a baby any day now and I was hoping to take and send a picture from the hospital. I will bring these phones back and tell them what to do with them if it doesn't work on that day!!! Just to keep my fellow sufferers up-to-date.

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